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Friday, November 13, 2009

One by one..

I am currently redoing some of my twists one by one. The main thing that I dont like about wearing styles like this whether its twists or braids or what have you, they always slip down and get frizzy at the roots.

Sometimes people mistake that for growth. I know that my hair grows at 1/2 inch a month. I am not using any growth aids at the moment so I know that I am not getting any extra growth. However looking at what some may mistake as new growth I have between 1-2" of growth. I have only had my twists in for about a month. There has been 1/2" of growth. Therefore I have between 1/2- 1 1/2" of slippage.. :(

I redid the front row and am about to start on the middle to redo all the areas that you can see. Or just the parts that I'm tired of looking at.

I'm in my car most of the time so heres a few pics of how my roots look after a month. I have a little buildup on some of the braids which is not cute, and another reason why I am redoing some of them. It looks tacky when girls walk around with all that buildup at the roots. eww... Me no likey...

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