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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My little ladies hair

I keep my baby girls hair in very simple, quick, and easy hair styles. From braids and beads to twists. Caring for a young childs hair is very simple and can be quite challenging at the same time. 

My little girls regimen is very simple. What I usually do is wash her hair with suave conditioner. I don't use shampoo unless she has build up. Her hair is usually in braids when I do this. I then take down the braids while it is still saturated in conditioner. Then I rinse and detangle with a denman brush adding castor and olive oil if I feel it necessary. When the hair is fully detangled and rinsed clean I begin to braid it back up.

With this process my little ladies hair is always very soft to the touch, easily combed, very moisturized and manageable. After her hair is braided up I like to then put beads, knockers, and/or  barrettes on her hair. I usually have a pretty color scheme going such as pink and purple, different shades of pink, purple and blue. There are a million and one varieties and colors of knockers and other hair accessories available. I get mine from my local beauty supply stores.

The main difficulty that I have come across when doing a young child's hair is tenderheadedness. My lady is not very tenderheaded, but my sister is extremely tenderheaded. Everything hurts her! I think that's just because she doesn't like her hair done. But my advice to that is to just be gentle and keep going. The more often they get their hair done the more they will get used to it and the 'tougher' their scalp will be to the pain. I mean you cant do a childs hair like once a month and expect it not to hurt. :P

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