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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mega-tek?? Again??!!!??!?

Ok, so I have had my hair in these kinky twists for a little over a month now & I have not used any growth aids what so ever. I was in my room and I spotted my huge gallon bottle of Mega-tek that I bought last year just staring me in the face!

Now I have not used this product for over a year because of all the shedding that I got when I first started on Mirena. I didn't know which one was causing my severe shedding. I later realized that the Mega-tek might have caused some of the shedding but the Mirena was the main culprit!

When I used Mega-tek I think I was using a bit too much. I am used to slathering conditioner all over my head so I kinda slathered it all over my scalp! The thinning that I got around my edges I attribute to that because I always made sure they got the most product. I started using very little of the product and noticed that this did indeed stop. After I stopped using Mega-Tek my edges began to grow back.

The shedding I got from Mirena continued until about last month. Now I have a TON of little short baby hairs growing from my scalp! The hairs that grew back from Mega-Tek are a few inches long and the rest are about 1.5".

This is the same thing that I dealt with a few years ago from transitioning and BC shedding. I won that round & I will win again this time.

My Mega-Tek regimen this round!:
  • I will be using a very small amount and massaging it all over my head.
  • I will be using it daily to every 2-3 days as I am forgetful sometimes.
  • I will be getting back on my garlic supplements to curb any shedding I may get. Just have to keep track.

Hopefully this will all go well! I know that it does increase my growth to an 1" each month. I am over the BC shedding and just can't deal with anymore! I know that for some it does cause shedding initially but does subside... Hopefully I don't experience that too much!

If it still doesn't work for me I will be selling samples!!

This is how much I am going to be using daily....

This is a shot of my twists today. I didn't redo all of them so they are kinda fuzzy...

Can you see all the fuzzies at the roots?? OMG makes it look so old!! I'm soooo tempted to take them out now! But I'm going to wait.... Maybe in Dec. Also when I put them back in I am starting them all with the twist method!! :)



Chrissystina said...

Hi, I came across your blog (and I'm so glad I did.)

Where do you purchase MegaTek? I've kinda heard about it, but I get so nervous when a product claims it can grow hair...

I'd like to make my hair fuller, and I'm patient with my healthy hair practices, but I would like to find something that actually works and is safe to help me with that:-)

kevin said...

I have just finished 6 months of herbal shampooing treatment and whenever I reviewed my self in the mirror I was amazed at the results. The treatment definitely works and as long as you stick with the natural healing, the positive results will come. I have signed up iht9 for another 6 months.

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