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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Making plans

OK, So I decided to put in writing what I was going to be doing as far as my hair goes for the next few months. I decided a little while ago to do an ongoing personal protective style challenge. I plan on keeping it up at least until the summertime so that I can focus on growing back the hair that I lost.

Now my hair loss in my eyes is a HUGE setback because it is much thinner than it was and I haven't really had much growth for this year. I am still at BSL a year later and my ends are thinned out. I need a really good hair cut!

So this is my plan. I want to get my hair back to the way it was a year ago. I have a ton of hair growing back from the roots just as I had a few years ago. I will do comparison pictures as soon as I can to show you. Really short hairs all over my scalp. I don't like the way it looks, just as before thick roots & thin ends.... :( I like for my hair to be even thickness all over. So...

I am going to keep my hair in these kinky twists until mid Dec or mid Jan. I don't want to take them out too close to the holidays because then I wont have time to put it back up.
After I take them out I will be doing some serious deep conditioning for about 2-3 weeks while wearing a ponytail baggy. That way I can keep my ends nicely moisturized and conditioned at all times.
After that I will be putting my hair back up into a protective style, probably going to wear another set of kinky twists or a sew in. Those are my go to protective styles.

My goal for this year is to stay on track with my hair and let it grow out as much as possible. I might get back on my vits if I can seem to keep track of everything.

Personal challenges for 2010

  • Protective styles for at least 6 months nonstop
  • Full BSL sometime in 2010 - I dont know where I am exactly I may already be there :P Will know next month or so...
  • MBL by the end of 2010!!! This has been my ultimate goal since I started out! I will have finally made it hopefully by next Dec. I hope...
  • I hope to be WL and FULL MBL by the end of 2011 because I know my hair will have to even out all over... I hate thin ends!! Did I say that already??

Do you think I can do it!!?!?!?!?

When I started out this blog I used to measure my hair every month. I think I will be incorporating that into my regimen again, just to make sure that I am making good progress.
When I take these twists out I am going to start off like a newbie with a real professional haircut and a hardcore protein treatment. I am going to dc really well and blowdry my hair well before I go into the salon. Love my hair for a day or two. Wash dc & aphogee it & put it up. :P Lets see how this goes.... :)


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