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Friday, November 06, 2009

Just another makeup tutorial...

Products used:
Clean n Clear moisturizer
MAC Studio Fix Fliud- NC45- with a stipling brush
MAC Studio Finish Concealor- NC45
MAC Blot powder- Dark- with MAC 129
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Mythology- 239- inner corner
MAC Pink Source- 239- over Mythology
MAC Sushi Flower- 239- outer half
MAC Poste Haste- 239- outer corner
28 palette- dark brown- 224- crease & outer corner
28 palette- shimmer burgendy- 226- outer v
28 palette- highlight- 227
MAC Brow shader- SE266
MAC Breath of Plum blush- 165
MAC Whirl

For some reason the colors look way too harsh on video than they did in person. :P But I luvs it anywayz! Here are some pics!!

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