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Friday, November 06, 2009

Blast from the Past!!- Halloween Edition!

So I decided that I wanted to incorporate some of my old makeup looks and tutorials into my recently started blog. So I am going to feature some of those looks every now and then on here so that they are not forgotten :P completely.

Now I didn't do any tutorials for halloween this year but I did a lot of face painting on the kids and fam. My lady got a very pretty colorful butterfly painted on her face for halloween. A few of the others played around on youtube. :P

I did 3 videos for halloween last year. A Spider Queen, A Jac o'Lantern, & TIger eyes.

Spider Queen

Products used were:
BFTE Black
MAC- Golden Lemon
MAC- Vanilla
MAC- Smolder
Revlon liquid liner
NYX candy glitter liner- gold
Walmart lashes

MAC studio fix- NC 45
EDM- tinted silk powder
NYX pencil- black
NYX candy glitter liner- gold

NYX liner- Plush Red
NYX lipstick- Bru

I loved this look mostly because it was simple and if paired with a fab outfit it would have been way to sexy. A simple smokey eye with a touch of gold. Love it! This one got the most views because it was a relevant video to one of makeupbyrenren's halloween videos. lol go figure...

Jack o'Lantern
Part 1

Part 2

Now with this one I love it because it is different. I wanted to be something that no one else was at the time. So I looked around and I didn't find anyone who did anything like this. I downloaded some music from a few horror movies such as Saw, The Ametyville Horror, ect ect... Blending was insane with these 120 palette shadows!

Tiger Eyes

This one is my favorite one for sure. I hate the pics I took though. lol some of the edges weren't blended enough. The part closest to the hairline was still white... So many flaws but its all good. I believe that I have improved dramatically over the past year and a half. And so has youtube! There are the kinds of tutorials on there now that you would actually have to pay for a few years ago to learn. I always wondered how people did the things the did with makeup such as scaring, bruising. I already knew about liquid latex but had no clue what so ever about the gluesticks! :P

The sound was removed from 2 of these videos because of the major copyright issue that came about last year. :( But its ok.

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