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Friday, November 27, 2009

Just a little update... & a little venting...

So Last post I said I was going to use Mega-Tek everyday. I am going to change that to every other day for now and increase it to daily after about a month. I am also going to use a sulfur oil mix as soon as I get a chance to whip one up along side. Maybe alternate Mega-Tek one day and sulfur oil the next day. I don't think I want to use it daily because sulfur gives me crazy sinus headaches when I use too much or too often....

Gonna have to do some experimenting...

I am taking my deodorized garlic capsules 500mg everyday so I can avoid shedding as much as possible for now. I will be starting back on my vitamin regimen in the future and I HOPE I can stick to it for more than a few weeks....

When I took my vits consistently I remember clear skin, moisturized & fast growing hair!! I need that back in my life cause I'm so stressed out right now. I cant wait for the day I can sit down & relax & not have to worry about anyone besides my kids!!

Its terrible that all the people who are supposed to support me & who call themselves my family, are the only ones causing problems in my life. Then don't take any ownership for the crap that they have done! Instead I am the blame for all of their problems! Lets forget about my own!

Hope everyone had a good holiday cause I really didn't... This is the first thanksgiving that I did not cook!! Now you know there is a problem if I'm not in the kitchen!! Hopefully everything or at least most of this will be settled by next month. Christmas and New Years is going to be fabulous!!! I hope....

Guess thats just how the world works... Try & live a happy & prosperous life & those around you just try to tear you down because their life is never going to amount to anything more than what it is now. Jealousy. Sad but true. :(

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mega-tek?? Again??!!!??!?

Ok, so I have had my hair in these kinky twists for a little over a month now & I have not used any growth aids what so ever. I was in my room and I spotted my huge gallon bottle of Mega-tek that I bought last year just staring me in the face!

Now I have not used this product for over a year because of all the shedding that I got when I first started on Mirena. I didn't know which one was causing my severe shedding. I later realized that the Mega-tek might have caused some of the shedding but the Mirena was the main culprit!

When I used Mega-tek I think I was using a bit too much. I am used to slathering conditioner all over my head so I kinda slathered it all over my scalp! The thinning that I got around my edges I attribute to that because I always made sure they got the most product. I started using very little of the product and noticed that this did indeed stop. After I stopped using Mega-Tek my edges began to grow back.

The shedding I got from Mirena continued until about last month. Now I have a TON of little short baby hairs growing from my scalp! The hairs that grew back from Mega-Tek are a few inches long and the rest are about 1.5".

This is the same thing that I dealt with a few years ago from transitioning and BC shedding. I won that round & I will win again this time.

My Mega-Tek regimen this round!:
  • I will be using a very small amount and massaging it all over my head.
  • I will be using it daily to every 2-3 days as I am forgetful sometimes.
  • I will be getting back on my garlic supplements to curb any shedding I may get. Just have to keep track.

Hopefully this will all go well! I know that it does increase my growth to an 1" each month. I am over the BC shedding and just can't deal with anymore! I know that for some it does cause shedding initially but does subside... Hopefully I don't experience that too much!

If it still doesn't work for me I will be selling samples!!

This is how much I am going to be using daily....

This is a shot of my twists today. I didn't redo all of them so they are kinda fuzzy...

Can you see all the fuzzies at the roots?? OMG makes it look so old!! I'm soooo tempted to take them out now! But I'm going to wait.... Maybe in Dec. Also when I put them back in I am starting them all with the twist method!! :)


Blast from the past!!- Cult of cherry collection 2008

This collection had some lovely quads. There were 3 of them, Spiced Chocolate, Shadowy Lady, and Tempting. I skipped out on the tempting quad because I thought it was a little boring.
So yea here are a few tutorials that I did with the 2 quads from the collection...

My favorite look is the last one for sure! Although I love all 3! :P

Cult of Cherry 1

Cult of Cherry2

Cult of Cherry 3

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Making plans

OK, So I decided to put in writing what I was going to be doing as far as my hair goes for the next few months. I decided a little while ago to do an ongoing personal protective style challenge. I plan on keeping it up at least until the summertime so that I can focus on growing back the hair that I lost.

Now my hair loss in my eyes is a HUGE setback because it is much thinner than it was and I haven't really had much growth for this year. I am still at BSL a year later and my ends are thinned out. I need a really good hair cut!

So this is my plan. I want to get my hair back to the way it was a year ago. I have a ton of hair growing back from the roots just as I had a few years ago. I will do comparison pictures as soon as I can to show you. Really short hairs all over my scalp. I don't like the way it looks, just as before thick roots & thin ends.... :( I like for my hair to be even thickness all over. So...

I am going to keep my hair in these kinky twists until mid Dec or mid Jan. I don't want to take them out too close to the holidays because then I wont have time to put it back up.
After I take them out I will be doing some serious deep conditioning for about 2-3 weeks while wearing a ponytail baggy. That way I can keep my ends nicely moisturized and conditioned at all times.
After that I will be putting my hair back up into a protective style, probably going to wear another set of kinky twists or a sew in. Those are my go to protective styles.

My goal for this year is to stay on track with my hair and let it grow out as much as possible. I might get back on my vits if I can seem to keep track of everything.

Personal challenges for 2010

  • Protective styles for at least 6 months nonstop
  • Full BSL sometime in 2010 - I dont know where I am exactly I may already be there :P Will know next month or so...
  • MBL by the end of 2010!!! This has been my ultimate goal since I started out! I will have finally made it hopefully by next Dec. I hope...
  • I hope to be WL and FULL MBL by the end of 2011 because I know my hair will have to even out all over... I hate thin ends!! Did I say that already??

Do you think I can do it!!?!?!?!?

When I started out this blog I used to measure my hair every month. I think I will be incorporating that into my regimen again, just to make sure that I am making good progress.
When I take these twists out I am going to start off like a newbie with a real professional haircut and a hardcore protein treatment. I am going to dc really well and blowdry my hair well before I go into the salon. Love my hair for a day or two. Wash dc & aphogee it & put it up. :P Lets see how this goes.... :)


Friday, November 20, 2009

Attaching Kinky Twists

I did 2 quick videos on different ways of applying kinky twists. The first video I did a twist where I started it off with a braid at the base. In the second video I twisted the hair from the root.
Both methods are very simple to do and just require a little practice to master. I do like the second method more because I tend to get less slippage when the twist it started off that way.

Enjoy! :)

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rule! in the crease

The past few times that I have done my makeup I have been very drawn to using rule eyeshadow just above my crease line. Rule is a matte orange eyeshadow. Not many people seem to be drawn to the color orange for an eyeshadow. In fact I don't really like the color at all. But I have been playing with my makeup and have found oranges and colors one wouldn't normally wear to look the best! Now I have been doing very simple, kinda neutral makeup and adding rule just seems to make it POP and give it that extra edge!

You might not be able to see the colors very well in the picture below but I'm telling you it was lovely!

For this look I used:
Smoke & diamonds -e/s inner corner
Glamour Check! -outer half
Spiced Chocolate e/s -in the outer corner & into the crease
Saddle e/s & rule e/s -mixed above the crease
Soft Force -for a highlight
For lips:
Fabby l/s
Funtabulous l/g

I didn't wear any foundation or do my brows mostly because it does kinda look overwhelming for my taste during the daytime. Although I have done it before with no issues I was just not feeling it yesterday.. :P lol

If you are a woman of color try using colors like rule. It will warm up any look and give it that extra edge that you may be missing form your makeup that day. You will love it as much as I!!

 PS. I promise to get another camera soon so that you can atually see what is going on with the makeup!! Because right about now the pics are washed out like crazy... I dont like it!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

One by one..

I am currently redoing some of my twists one by one. The main thing that I dont like about wearing styles like this whether its twists or braids or what have you, they always slip down and get frizzy at the roots.

Sometimes people mistake that for growth. I know that my hair grows at 1/2 inch a month. I am not using any growth aids at the moment so I know that I am not getting any extra growth. However looking at what some may mistake as new growth I have between 1-2" of growth. I have only had my twists in for about a month. There has been 1/2" of growth. Therefore I have between 1/2- 1 1/2" of slippage.. :(

I redid the front row and am about to start on the middle to redo all the areas that you can see. Or just the parts that I'm tired of looking at.

I'm in my car most of the time so heres a few pics of how my roots look after a month. I have a little buildup on some of the braids which is not cute, and another reason why I am redoing some of them. It looks tacky when girls walk around with all that buildup at the roots. eww... Me no likey...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eye of the day 11/10/09

Its way more vibrant & looks much better in real life. I NEED MY CAMERA!! LOL

I used UDPP as my base.
In the inner corner I applied Museum Bronze pigment with a 239 brush.
In the middle third I applied Trax e/s with the 239.
The outer corner I used Signed Sealed e/s packed on with a 239 brush then blended into the crease with a 217 and Rule e/s.
For highlight I used Ricepaper e/s with a 252 brush and also in the inner corner with a 219.
On the lower lash line I lined with Trax e/s and Signed Sealed e/s in the outer corner.
I blended Rule into the outer corner of the lower lash line.
I used Lash Blast mascara and Revlon colorstay liquid liner.
For the waterline I used L'oreal HIP kohl eyeliner.

I love the look I get when Rule e/s is used in the crease. You cant go wrong with a neutral look that has a pop of color! :)
I wil be getting a new camera soon so the pics will be much clearer.


Friday, November 06, 2009

And the next tutorial will be...

This is what I would have done on myself had I been a brides maid in the wedding that I did for my cousin. :) Video will be up soon just have to edit it!

I still have a problem with urban decay primer potion

Now this product I absolutley love!! I cant live without! I use it every single time I wear eyemakeup! (unless I'm wearing MAC paintpots...) But they changed the shape of the applicator and look I have a problem!!

My video review

Blast from the Past!!- Halloween Edition!

So I decided that I wanted to incorporate some of my old makeup looks and tutorials into my recently started blog. So I am going to feature some of those looks every now and then on here so that they are not forgotten :P completely.

Now I didn't do any tutorials for halloween this year but I did a lot of face painting on the kids and fam. My lady got a very pretty colorful butterfly painted on her face for halloween. A few of the others played around on youtube. :P

I did 3 videos for halloween last year. A Spider Queen, A Jac o'Lantern, & TIger eyes.

Spider Queen

Products used were:
BFTE Black
MAC- Golden Lemon
MAC- Vanilla
MAC- Smolder
Revlon liquid liner
NYX candy glitter liner- gold
Walmart lashes

MAC studio fix- NC 45
EDM- tinted silk powder
NYX pencil- black
NYX candy glitter liner- gold

NYX liner- Plush Red
NYX lipstick- Bru

I loved this look mostly because it was simple and if paired with a fab outfit it would have been way to sexy. A simple smokey eye with a touch of gold. Love it! This one got the most views because it was a relevant video to one of makeupbyrenren's halloween videos. lol go figure...

Jack o'Lantern
Part 1

Part 2

Now with this one I love it because it is different. I wanted to be something that no one else was at the time. So I looked around and I didn't find anyone who did anything like this. I downloaded some music from a few horror movies such as Saw, The Ametyville Horror, ect ect... Blending was insane with these 120 palette shadows!

Tiger Eyes

This one is my favorite one for sure. I hate the pics I took though. lol some of the edges weren't blended enough. The part closest to the hairline was still white... So many flaws but its all good. I believe that I have improved dramatically over the past year and a half. And so has youtube! There are the kinds of tutorials on there now that you would actually have to pay for a few years ago to learn. I always wondered how people did the things the did with makeup such as scaring, bruising. I already knew about liquid latex but had no clue what so ever about the gluesticks! :P

The sound was removed from 2 of these videos because of the major copyright issue that came about last year. :( But its ok.

Just another makeup tutorial...

Products used:
Clean n Clear moisturizer
MAC Studio Fix Fliud- NC45- with a stipling brush
MAC Studio Finish Concealor- NC45
MAC Blot powder- Dark- with MAC 129
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Mythology- 239- inner corner
MAC Pink Source- 239- over Mythology
MAC Sushi Flower- 239- outer half
MAC Poste Haste- 239- outer corner
28 palette- dark brown- 224- crease & outer corner
28 palette- shimmer burgendy- 226- outer v
28 palette- highlight- 227
MAC Brow shader- SE266
MAC Breath of Plum blush- 165
MAC Whirl

For some reason the colors look way too harsh on video than they did in person. :P But I luvs it anywayz! Here are some pics!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Upcoming tutorial!

I recorded this a while ago. It was a twitter request that I am kinda just getting the chance to edit. I say kinda because everyone around me is sick including me and my babies. :( We are getting better, I'm just trying to keep everyone away for now. Its over an hour of footage that I have to edit down to under 10 min so yay good fun!! NOT! lol

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My little ladies hair

I keep my baby girls hair in very simple, quick, and easy hair styles. From braids and beads to twists. Caring for a young childs hair is very simple and can be quite challenging at the same time. 

My little girls regimen is very simple. What I usually do is wash her hair with suave conditioner. I don't use shampoo unless she has build up. Her hair is usually in braids when I do this. I then take down the braids while it is still saturated in conditioner. Then I rinse and detangle with a denman brush adding castor and olive oil if I feel it necessary. When the hair is fully detangled and rinsed clean I begin to braid it back up.

With this process my little ladies hair is always very soft to the touch, easily combed, very moisturized and manageable. After her hair is braided up I like to then put beads, knockers, and/or  barrettes on her hair. I usually have a pretty color scheme going such as pink and purple, different shades of pink, purple and blue. There are a million and one varieties and colors of knockers and other hair accessories available. I get mine from my local beauty supply stores.

The main difficulty that I have come across when doing a young child's hair is tenderheadedness. My lady is not very tenderheaded, but my sister is extremely tenderheaded. Everything hurts her! I think that's just because she doesn't like her hair done. But my advice to that is to just be gentle and keep going. The more often they get their hair done the more they will get used to it and the 'tougher' their scalp will be to the pain. I mean you cant do a childs hair like once a month and expect it not to hurt. :P

Monday, November 02, 2009

Emjoi Emagine epilator - A Review

So I didn't know where to put this review. My hair blog or my makeup blog. I figured that this was the best place to put it because it is about hair removal not hair growth. :P

This is the product description from the company:

Emagine the possibilities!
The Emagine Tweezer-Head Epilator from Emjoi is a groundbreaking hair remover that features 72 tweezer heads. It's faster, safer and more beneficial than shaving or waxing. The revolutionary Emagine Tweezer-Head Epilator removes hair quickly and comfortably and reduces the number of passes required to achieve the chief benefit of epilation: smooth, silky, touchable skin.
Emjoi's patented Glide Technology reduces irritation. Coupled with Emjoi's innovation of one fixed-tweezer disc and two that open and close, the skin gets gently stretched, to increase comfort and efficiently remove hair. Emagine is the world's first epilator to offer Silver Ion Technology, which provides antimicrobial protection from bacterial infections. Its innovative, dual-opposed staggered heads are a new feature for an epilator; they enable the unit to cover greater surface area than ever before while grasping and removing more hair in a single pass. To reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, Emagine features exclusive Middle Lifting fingers that raise flat or short hairs for easy epilation. The results? Skin that’s soft, smooth and hair free for up to 6 weeks. Emagine Tweezer-Head Epilator – it's the ultimate hair remover!

  • 72 tweezers, the most on the market, remove the majority of hair the first time, saving time and eliminating potential skin irritation by reducing the number of passes required to achieve smooth skin
  • 17-mm disc opening – the optimal radius to effectively remove hair
  • Our patented Glide Technology moves the tweezer discs over the skin with less irritation
  • Dual-opposed heads gently hold the skin taut, making epilation more comfortable
  • Staggered, dual-opposed heads cover greater surface area and grasp all the hair the first time
  • Middle lifting fingers prepare hair for removal by lifting flat or short hair, decreasing the possibility of ingrown hair
  • Removes hair from the root, leaving skin smooth for up to 6 weeks
  • Silver Ion Technology provides antimicrobial protection
  • Curved shape is designed to hug the curves of the body
  • Ergonomically engineered handle balances in your hand and is easy to hold and maneuver all over the body
  • Removes hair as short as 0.5 mm from the root
  • Gentle enough to remove delicate facial hair on the upper lip and chin
  • Great for removing hair on the legs, bikini line and underarms
  • Soft-touch grip gives ultimate comfort and control
  • Dual speed control
  • Electrically operated (corded)
Emagine is the ultimate hair remover.

Now I have never used a product like this. For my legs and pits I usually just shave, so this is kinda a foreign concept for me in a way. I pluck my eyebrows and have attempted to pluck my armpit hairs and bikini line when I get hair bumps. Did I mention that when I shave I get crazy hair bumps! No matter what I do they always come up and they hurt!

When I first found out about this type of product I ran for the hills because I do not like pain. I have since then become fed up with the hair bumps and started tweezing until I started to get tired of that also. As its very time consuming. I ended up coming back to trying to find the right epilator because it seemed to be the only solution besides waxing.  I don't really like waxing because I can't do it myself. What really sold me was pursebuzz's video with this product. here and here
OK enough of that! On to the review!

My initial thoughts on this product:
  • The packaging was great! It came with a lot of information on the product, as well as a pouch to store it, and a brush.
  • When I first used it I tried it on my armpit. OMG! It was painful! I had to stop at first, but I kept going and found that the pain does lessen when you keep going.
  • On my arms & legs it was easy. It didn't hurt very much at all and it removed all the hair. My legs were silky smooth.
  • The bikini area was very painful. Much worse than the armpits and the legs put together. I do not use this on the bikini area unless absolutely necessary. I just keep that area trimmed low.
  • It is fast at removing the hair.
If you can handle the pain I say go for it! Me, I have been through labor 3 times so I know that I can handle this with no problem. I do recommend this epilator to anyone mostly because I have heard that others do hurt much worse than this one. :P

This product retails around $120. I got mine for a little less than $100 with free shipping form a seller on amazon.

All in all I absolutely love this product! Its fast and easy. It does hurt like hell on sensitive areas initially but after a while the pain subsides and it does the job.

Would I repurchase: Yes I would if I felt like I had to... :P

I bought mine on amazon last year. The prices have come down a bit since then. :)

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