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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The wedding!

So today was a CRAZY one!! I had to finish up someones hair, which did not come out as neat as I would have liked because I was having a terrible asthma attack! I was so messed up but I didn't want to leave her hanging... :P I pushed on! lol
It turned out good & she got a lot of compliments.

Aside from the hair, I was running around like a mad woman and was running way late as was everyone else. The wedding started 2.5 hrs after everyone got there!

So when I got there I got down to business. I did a few of the bridesmaids makeup. The rest did their own or didnt want makeup. The bride had another makeup artist because of the shambles stated previously and because everyone was rushing she thought I wasn't coming. :/ I got there in enough time. To bad I didn't get to do hers cause my girls makeup looked way better than everyone else's.. lol And my girls got the most compliments! The bride said that my girls looked better than everyone in the wedding!

I didn't get hardly any good pics but I will do a tutorial of what I did. The bouquet shown above was an actual bouquet from the wedding. The wedding was beautiful. I loved the color scheme! Its was fabulous! I did the makeup to follow along with the color scheme of the wedding. I did everyones makeup a little different than the last in order to go along with their skin tone, face, and eye shape. Those who had lashes got lashes. They all looked FAB!!

All in all it was a success! The wedding was gorgeous! I was happy to be a part of it! :)

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