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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara- a review

Welcome to my first official makeup relate post on this blog!!

The product that I will be reviewing today will be Rimmel London's Sexy Curves Full Volume & Curve mascara.
This is what Rimmel claims its product will do:

"Fuller figured brush – fuller figured lashes. Curves in all the right places! The first Triple Plump brush with 3 x the curves for 70% curlier lashes. Voluptuous brush with CurveControl technology wiggles easily through your lashes quickly coating them. Exclusive brush design curves IN to maximize lash loading, curves OUT to curl and de-clump each lash for a complete curved look. Lashes look lusciously curled, plumped and defined. Plump ‘em up! Enriched with proteins, the plumping formula strengthens lashes over time for a continuous lash boosting effect. Rich cream texture instantly amplifies your natural volume x 7 and fixes the curl for 12 hour hold. Fabulously fuller lashes."
source: http://www.rimmellondon.com/US/products/eyes/product.aspx?id=366

First impressions & thoughts of this product:
  • I love the packaging! The metallic purple tube & the shape of it is so pretty imo. The waterproof version is a metallic turquoise color.
  • The brush is very interesting. At first I thought the shape of the brush was going to cause the mascara to go on clumpy but no. The short bristles apply the mascara giving it volume while the longer ones separate the lashes very well.
  • The mascara itself has a very good formula. It kinda reminds me of Covergirl Lashblast. It thickens nicely and gives added length at the same time. I bit more volume than lashblast though.
  • I got it in the shade "extreme black" & I can say that I am happy that it does go on very black. Its lovely. I did give me the kind of look I want in a mascara.
  • After wearing this mascara for several hours I have not experienced any flaking.
  • I rubbed my eye as I usually do when I forget that I am wearing makeup and the mascara did not budge. I usually smear it and have to grab a wet wipe to clean it up. I was very impressed by this!

As far as the claims the company makes for this product:
  • I didn't really notice that it actually curled my lashes.
  • It did give volume and length but we all know how cosmetic companies like to exaggerate in order to make their sale. I wouldn't say it amplified anything 7x at all... maybe 3-4x :P
Overall I really enjoyed this particular mascara. As stated I love the packaging, I really like the shape of the brush wand. It is really unique. I said that the formula reminds me of Cover Girl Lash Blast and it is actually a little better. The last blast did flake on me after hours of wear. I look for a mascara to last and it did but not as well I would like. So far I have had sexy curves on for about 8hrs now. I have rubbed my eyes, there has been no fading, flaking, or smearing. It does not clump the lashes are flexible to the touch, no stiffness!

I thought I loved lash blast... This is WAYYY better!! Sexy curves has taken its place! XD

Would I rebuy: Hell yes!

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