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Monday, October 12, 2009

L'oreal HIP Kohl eyeliner - a review

I just purchased this product in the color black. It is a kohl powder eyeliner and it comes in a cute little bottle. When you open it up it has a felt tip applicator very similar to the l'oreal linear intense liquid eyeliner, which I do like very much.
This product comes in several different colors including brown, blue, gold, burgundy, & teal.

My first impressions & thoughts:
  • I love the wand applicator that this comes with. It is easy to use this to apply the product to the lash line as well as the water line, upper & lower.
  • The product itself is a powder which can be messy at first. It takes some getting used to as with many things. Because of this there may be some fallout and it can smudge onto the lower lash line. In most cases that is not bad, just adds a sexy smokey effect.
  • When applying sometimes the powder can get into the eyes, which can be a bit irritating. I just squeezed my eyes shut for a few moments and by doing that the chunks of product blended out onto the waterline. It was fine after that.
  • It does go on dark, but its not that intense black that I look for in an eyeliner. This is fine because it makes up for it in other ways.
  • This product is great for the water line because it lasts an extremely long time! I applied it at around 3-4 in the afternoon & the liner stayed put did not fade smudge or anything at all, until the next morning when I wiped it off! Thats crazy! I slept in it purposefully to see if it would fade because nothing usually lasts well overnight for me. This sucker did not budge!!

I love this for the waterline! For the lash line not so much only because it is not black black. If they brought out an 'extreme black' shade I would be happy! It has wonderful staying power! I mean how many eyeliners last that long?!? I have been trying to find one that I wouldn't have to reapply every hour, I thing I've found it. ;)
I dont like how the powder can get into the eyes. Yesterday I felt like I had something in there for at least an hour!
All in all it is a great product. You may just have to get used to it at first.

Would I repurchase: Hell yes!

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