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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In my kit

I recently came across this site called inmykit.com. I first heard about it from makeupbyrenren and I rediscovered it from a current video on becoming a makeup artist by scandalousbeauty. HERE

I wanted to blog about it because I have discovered that if you stick to only high end makeup brands and forget about the cheap drugstore brands it will take much much longer to build a good kit for your makeup artistry. My kit is in no way complete and I have been collecting for quite some time now, a little over a year. I do have all the things that I need to do makeup for clients and I have not had any problems yet so far.
However, there is always room for improvement. I have had to improvise, create colors by mixing which is all fine and really can show how creative I can be but sometimes you are looking for a nice matte deep aqua blue color and the closest thing you have to it is way too shimmery.

Other than that I do have foundation but I do not have the shade range that I would need to do big jobs for all different types of skin tones and types. I have found that to be fine for now because not many people that I have done makeup for are even interested in foundation or blush for that matter.

Ok back on topic... This website gives products from each category that do the job & do it very well. No matter what the price tag or the name brand. Its good for the beginning makeup artist as well as the established one to find products that one normally would not have heard of.

A few of the foundation and concealor palettes are going to be among my first purchases from this sites recommendations.

And the one thing that really surprises me is the fact that not one MAC product is mentioned in any of the lists. :/ I love MAC as many others do but sometimes it can get way too overrated. There are some products that I absolutely HATE as well as those that I cant live without.

This has been a ramble..

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