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Thursday, October 15, 2009

For the wedding

So for the wedding this saturday I decided that I will be straightening my hair out. Its not as rainy as it has been and the temps have dropped. So now i the perfect time! You know, no humidity and no sweating out my hair! Oh yes! lol

So this is what I am going to do!
  1. Shampoo & Deep condition the hair overnight with motions cpr
  2. In the am do a hot oil treatment with olive oil, rinse
  3. Let the hair airdry 90%, then blowdry while holding the hair taught to stretch
  4. Apply CHI Silk Infusion and Flat iron.
  5. Lastly I will do a silk wrap using some shea butter
  6. Leave it wrapped so that it will lay and fall right when taken down!
  7. I will finally either trim myself or go & get a hair cut from supercuts or something.

Its kind of a long process but the end results are always worth it! Since my hair has thinned out I really am wanting to see how it looks and if I can tell how much hair I have lost. I KNOW I need a haircut so I might go in tomorrow or saturday morning before the wedding. I just hope that they don't chop too much off.

I'm going to be taking pictures of my hair of the entire process from beginning to end! From deep condition to haircut! I cant wait! I may actually post the pics on this blog for the first time! :P

My shedding is slowing down more and more and is almost back to normal. Finally! I just really want to see how my hair looks straight cause its so very hard to see where I am as a natural with all this shedding. Its damn near impossible! Hopefully its all good for me.

I do have a few inches of new hair that is growing back in that may make it look a bit awkward. You know thick roots, thin ends. Same problem I had before from birth control while I was transitioning out of my texturizer. Another problem is that I have a TON of those single strand knots. The haircut will take care of that. :)

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