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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mirena was the cause!

Ok so I wrote out this entirely too long post about the problems I have been having since I started Mirena. I think it was a bit too personal to post plus it was a huge RANT! So I'm just going to post the short version & tell you guys the major side affects.

1. The most problematic & upsetting- Cervical Dysplasia. I am in the moderate to severe range! Severe cervical dysplasia sometimes can lead to cervical cancer a few years down the line! So thank you Mirena for basically giving me cancer! I may be overreacting but I've never even had an abnormal pap smear before and now I have severe abnormal growth/precancerous cells on my cervix! The stupid lady tried to tell me it was because of my sexual partner. I have been abstinent for quite some time so a sexual partner is in no way the cause. Yet she insisted that mirena was not the cause... dummy

2. HAIRLOSSSS!!!!- Consistent Shedding for an entire year!!

3. slight Depression- I say slight because the way I felt & how I handled stressful situations was far from how I normally am! I tried to keep my self under control and focused but the issues remained..

4. extremely irregular periods- 2 weeks long or more every single month!!!! Seriously!!?!??

There is a 5, 6, 7, & 8 but those are WAY TMI...

But anywayzzzz...
I got it taken out Friday! I am so happy about it & wish I would have done it sooner! The gyn who took it out was a complete IDIOT!! She didn't know wtf she was talking about! I wish I could skip med school cause I could take her place today & do a wayyyyyyyyyy better job! So yea I'm done with bc all together because everything I have been on fucks me up! So I am done!

People! Please don't think that doctors know EVERYTHING! They are people just like u & me. Do your research & don't let anyone talk you into anything that will compromise your health! Always do whats best for you!

The gyn that I saw was not my regular gyn & she basically tried to talk to me like I had no idea what I was talking about! My regular gyn is very concerned about the issues that this lady just blew off as nothing. Said that for some women these problems are normal & kept talking about this mysterious sexual partner that I have! lol Crazy! These problems are not normal FOR ME!! And I have never experienced anything like this until I had Mirena inserted. & now that it is gone two of the issues that I did not mention are now GONE! The depressed feelings I had are going away and I do feel a lot better. That could just be because I had the thing removed but ha! I dought it....

If your going through a similar situation feel free...

Mar <333
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