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Monday, July 13, 2009

I love fake hair!!

OK so I refuse to let this set back get to me anymore than it has!! I got rid of the source so now I am going to work on fixing it & moving forward!

I put my hair in a sewin almost 2 weeks ago. I have Harlem 125 Italian Body wave hair. It was really cheap about $15 a pack. I used 2 packs. I left a small horseshoe shaped section out in the front kinda to the side for a side part so that my hair will cover over the weave. I sewed the weave onto a net with my hair in french braids underneath.

I just decided I will just call them french braids I still feel weird saying cornrows.. A bit too country for me. lol

Ok so onto my regimen:
It really hasn't changed much from before but I don't expect anyone to really search through 3 yrs of posts to find what I do lol

1. I will be washing every 2 weeks. i mix shampoo with a little suave & make sure to rinse really well so that all the residue it removed.
2. I'm going to be deep conditioning with lekair with every wash to keep the hair nice & soft.
3. I deep condition my own hair that is left out every week or 2x per week depending on how I feel.

That's basically it..
When I take it out I will do a aphogee protein treatment and deep condition like crazy!

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Ezinne chee said...

how long have yu been transitioning for ?

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