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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I havent posted in a while so I thought I'd just throw something here tonight. I have been wearing my hair in braids for the past few weeks. Been cowashing every few days. So far so good!

I stopped using my vits for 2 weeks because I was getting those severe sinus headaches! I increased the amount of msm I was taking & I dont think I was drinking enough water. When I take too much msm or use my sulfur oil with too high a concentration I always get those really bad headaches! Hate it!

So I just cut use of everything all together! It took a while for the msm to get out of my system completely. The headaches are now finally gone! Yes! I have now started back on the vits same reg as before. I am just going to take it really slow with the msm. Those sinus headaches are no joke!

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