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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Whats next???

School School School....
Wok Work Work....

This is all I know this semester and for the first time I am not even full time! I find it funny that I am busier than I have ever been and I am not even taking as many classes as I usually am..
I am damn near full time at work atm. & when I'm not at work I'm at school.
Haven't posted a video in so long its ridiculous!

Well enough about that.... onto the hair! :)

I did the twists and took them out, so I am going to redo them this week I promise! lol and post the video. I need a hair style other than my tired bun that I have been wearing for what seems like forever....
I am thinking thursday will be a good day cause I work that morning & I can just come home & get started. Every other day I'm there till late. I cant wait till summer1 Online classes! & I can switch shifts!

For the sew in I am thinking of ordering some hair dont know where I want to order from yet but the places I have looked at I'm like maybe but I kinda didnt want to pay that much... Maybe I should just get some ok hair from the bss and order later from china when I finally decide to get another lacewig.
Ramble ramble ramble...
I need to go home!!! ttyl!

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