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Friday, April 17, 2009

Summa Summa Summa tyme!! lol

I have 2 weeks left until classes end! YES! After that I just have 2 online summer courses which should be a piece of cake! :P I am so happy that this semester is finally almost over! I have to work really hard in these last few weeks and after that I can get to doing other things such as more youtube videos! lol
I have alot of things in mind that I want to do & some that I have already started on so there will be alot more detailed tutorials and things when I am finished.

About my hair, I have been wearing it in a bun clipped with a xl flexi8 clip, which I LOVE!! <33
I have been cowashing and detangling every few days with suave and aussie moist conditioners. I have been moisturizing with my beloved scurl no drip curl activator spray. My hair is so soft & I love it! No problems right now.

I'm trying to keep it in a very simple protective style because a few weeks ago I was stressing and had it in just a puff/ponytail for a few days. I dont know about anyone else but for me a ponytail is a huge nono at this length. I had so many tangles and had to work very hard to get it all out without breaking off all my hair. It took two days... No joke!

My shedding has reduced significantly and so far I am kinda happy about that. Even though the shedding has slowed it is still there & at times it pisses me off because my hair is noticeably thinned out! Note to self: get to making another batch of sulfur oil...

Some people just don't know how much work it takes to reach your goals! To have it taken away by something mediocre just makes you feel like pure shit! For anyone out there who is struggling to meet a goal and it just doesn't seem to be doing any good.. Know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! Never underestimate yourself, because when you do is when you begin to see yourself fail! Keep working because the end is always closer and if you quit you will be back to where you started and will have to start all over again! :) That goes for anything! Not just hair! :P

Shedding has been a major issue for me for the past few months and even though it has slowed it has not stopped! Last time it took over a year for the new hairs to even start growing back! I'm going to do a little more research to find what else I can use...
I already know about the garlic supplements, the garlic shampoo/conditioner, some other supplements such as MSM also helps. There probably isn't much more out there but I am going to find as much info as possible!

If anyone who is reading this would like to see a series of videos explaining my steps for creating your own regimen & what I do plz let me know! You just have to sign in to comment.. teehee


HauteHairGurl said...

I would! I'm transitioning now (just had a major setback due to postpartum shedding and overprocessing)and I need like Regimen How To for Dummies! LOL I'm getting a LOT better as I research more stuff on the hair boards but I also like to see visual examples of what ppl do to their hair. I'm also style challenged so if you would like to do tuts that would be great!

keishaeb said...

Hi, I am wondering what I should do for my hair I've been trying to start a healthy hair journey. So far I bought ovation cell therapy, mgt, garlic shampoo and conditioner, and a few others. I'm sure this stuff works good but I don't know how to combine them or if I should combine them. I also did the baggie technique for the first time or atleast my version of the baggie technique. I just took out a weave and so much hair came out I was so upset. So hopefully baggie will help me. But anyway any suggestions of regimens you could suggest please. Thank you

keishaeb said...

I am trying to get on the healthy hair journey bandwagon. I don't know what I am doing wrong but my hair won't stop shedding. So far i bought ovation cell therapy, mtg, galic shampoo and conditioner, healthy hair butter from carols daughter and a few others. I'm sure those things are good for hair but I don't know what to use and when. And I just did the baggy technique or atleast my own version of the baggy technique. Anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much

keishaeb said...
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