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Friday, April 17, 2009

Summa Summa Summa tyme!! lol

I have 2 weeks left until classes end! YES! After that I just have 2 online summer courses which should be a piece of cake! :P I am so happy that this semester is finally almost over! I have to work really hard in these last few weeks and after that I can get to doing other things such as more youtube videos! lol
I have alot of things in mind that I want to do & some that I have already started on so there will be alot more detailed tutorials and things when I am finished.

About my hair, I have been wearing it in a bun clipped with a xl flexi8 clip, which I LOVE!! <33
I have been cowashing and detangling every few days with suave and aussie moist conditioners. I have been moisturizing with my beloved scurl no drip curl activator spray. My hair is so soft & I love it! No problems right now.

I'm trying to keep it in a very simple protective style because a few weeks ago I was stressing and had it in just a puff/ponytail for a few days. I dont know about anyone else but for me a ponytail is a huge nono at this length. I had so many tangles and had to work very hard to get it all out without breaking off all my hair. It took two days... No joke!

My shedding has reduced significantly and so far I am kinda happy about that. Even though the shedding has slowed it is still there & at times it pisses me off because my hair is noticeably thinned out! Note to self: get to making another batch of sulfur oil...

Some people just don't know how much work it takes to reach your goals! To have it taken away by something mediocre just makes you feel like pure shit! For anyone out there who is struggling to meet a goal and it just doesn't seem to be doing any good.. Know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! Never underestimate yourself, because when you do is when you begin to see yourself fail! Keep working because the end is always closer and if you quit you will be back to where you started and will have to start all over again! :) That goes for anything! Not just hair! :P

Shedding has been a major issue for me for the past few months and even though it has slowed it has not stopped! Last time it took over a year for the new hairs to even start growing back! I'm going to do a little more research to find what else I can use...
I already know about the garlic supplements, the garlic shampoo/conditioner, some other supplements such as MSM also helps. There probably isn't much more out there but I am going to find as much info as possible!

If anyone who is reading this would like to see a series of videos explaining my steps for creating your own regimen & what I do plz let me know! You just have to sign in to comment.. teehee

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Skin Care

I have ok skin. Its not clear but good enough. My skin is very oily, my face is shiny as all hell by the end of the day. I have large pores on my cheeks close to my nose, on my forehead, and on my chin. My skin is very soft on not just my face but everywhere else as well.
I exfoliate my face at the most every 3 days, and at the least once a week. I have been using the Neutrogena pore refining line for the past few months and I have really liked the products and found them to be somewhat helpful. Recently on a trip to the CCO I decided to look at the clinique section. I found that they had a lot of very interesting products. so I decided to get some things. I tried the foaming face wash, moisturesurge, and eye cream.Oh and the moisturizer. I liked them all & use them everyday.
Truthfully when I first started using it I was impressed because it helped clear up a few blemishes fairly quickly. But after a few weeks of using it I dont really see much of a difference between that and my neutrogena. When it comes to certain things I say the higher priced, higher quality products are always better IMO. But with skincare the higher quality stuff is sometimes just as good or worse than the cheap stuff. It all depends because every person is different. Every person have different skin with different needs.

I just broke out yesterday with a whole bunch of large cystic pimples all over my chin. Its not very noticable because they are under the skin. But I hate it because they hurt a lot!

Also because of the vitamins I now have chin hair! lol When I was consistent with my vitamins before my skin cleared up so much that I dont remember having any pimples during that time period. I wonder how long it is going to take for them to clear up this time. I have been taking them for I think about a month and a half and I have been pretty good about it. I have extra facial hair lmao so I know it has benefited my growth. As far as my skin we will see what happends.

Hair removal
I have tweezed, shaved, waxed, naired, threaded...
I hate shaving & waxing.
I'm ok with nair but I get hair bumps.
Tweezing I'm ok with completely as long as its my eyebrows.
I like threading but can never seem to find my thread when I need it & end up tweezing! lol

I get hair bumps so easily on my bikini line & underarms I looks disgusting!
I have been thinking about getting an epilator but didnt really know where to start.
I'm thinking of getting the braun wet/dry just because it can be used in water.
Or the emjoi emagine cause it has 2 heads & because pursebuzz had it. lol
They both cost the same a little over $100. I want to get it now but I think I will wait till next month.. Even though knowing me I will cave in & end up getting it sooner probably within the next few days lmao! It dosent really matter as long as I get it before summertime, cause I wear a lot of backless, sleaveless, strappy, strapless, tops with shorts & capris. :)

Does anyone use an epilator?? Thoughts please?!?!? :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Vitamen Regimen! Updated!

I read a few of my previous posts and I just realized I have not posted my actual vitamin regimen. I am taking quite a few vitamins and I do find them to be very helpful. My shedding has noticeably reduced. Also when I am consistent & drink enough water my face is damn near clear. I get the worst, the biggest, the most painful, cystic type pimples. Especially around that time of the month and for the most part they are smaller and clear up without scarring. Whereas before they world leave a dark mark which would fade over time...
Ramble ramble....

Ok on to the vitamins... I take some in the morning and some at night.

In the am I take a multi vitamin; 500mg vitamin c; 500mg deodorized garlic; 1000mg evening primrose oil; and finally 1mg Biotin.

At night I take a B-50, 1mg biotin, 500mg garlic, 500mg pantothenic acid.
Also throughout the day I try to drink lots of water, & I put some MSM powder in my water.

Really this is nothing new I always go back to the same supplements, have been taking these on and off for the past few years. The only thing that I have added is the garlic capsules.

All my vitamins come from puritans pride as usual because they are so affordable and are always having sales! seriously the sales are constant, right now its buy 1 get 1 free, buy 2 get 3 free! In the summer they usually have buy 1 get 2 free, buy 2 get 4 free. I love buying from them!
However I have not really found a multi that I really liked(by the ingredient list & serving size for lack of a better term, dont really want to say dosage...) I think I will just go ahead & get womens one a day or GNC HSN... Going to have to make a trip

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Whats next???

School School School....
Wok Work Work....

This is all I know this semester and for the first time I am not even full time! I find it funny that I am busier than I have ever been and I am not even taking as many classes as I usually am..
I am damn near full time at work atm. & when I'm not at work I'm at school.
Haven't posted a video in so long its ridiculous!

Well enough about that.... onto the hair! :)

I did the twists and took them out, so I am going to redo them this week I promise! lol and post the video. I need a hair style other than my tired bun that I have been wearing for what seems like forever....
I am thinking thursday will be a good day cause I work that morning & I can just come home & get started. Every other day I'm there till late. I cant wait till summer1 Online classes! & I can switch shifts!

For the sew in I am thinking of ordering some hair dont know where I want to order from yet but the places I have looked at I'm like maybe but I kinda didnt want to pay that much... Maybe I should just get some ok hair from the bss and order later from china when I finally decide to get another lacewig.
Ramble ramble ramble...
I need to go home!!! ttyl!

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