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Monday, March 02, 2009

Reminding myself!

I think I just reminded myself why I dont straighten my hair very often. I deep conditioned and my hair was not feeling the way that I wanted it to feel. So, it looks like I'm going to have to pull out the aphogee. I love the way my hair looks and feels while straight but after that is all gone its a whole 'notha story! I have to whip my hair back into shape!

So what I am going to do is
  • shampoo with my suave shampoo to clarify.
  • shampoo again with aussie moist shampoo mixed with conditioner.
  • I am then going to cowash with aussie moist.
  • Do a protein treatment with aphogee 2step.
  • Finally do a deep dc with lekair mixed with motions cpr.

I just got the aussie moist shampoo & conditioner. 33.8oz for $5.34 each at walmart. I used to use aussie & loved it before so when I saw those huge bottles with pumps & all I had to get them. I do need to go to the BSS also & get some motions conditioner. I love those but have not bought any in a while. the only kindI have left is the motions cpr. I need to restock...
I have been wearing the baggy since I finished washing my hair so hopefully my ends are nice & smooth.

I'll be back to tell how it comes out

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