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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stupid people and dumb comments!

Ever since I started my youtube page I have been getting the most wonderful, nice, lovely, caring, kind, complimentary, all that good shit, comments, Under ALL of my videos! I am making these videos so that I can help other women learn about caring for natural hair, as well as documenting my hair on video instead of just pictures, and I am having fun with it doing what I like to do!

I have met some lovely people and enjoy building relationships with people who are outside of my state! But the haters just ruin it for the rest! I swear, I have gotten the most ignorant people who leave me the stupidest messages! I have gotten racists, stupid people who don't seem to know that what they are saying is inappropriate, sickos sending pics of their dingdongs, and all! I have tons of messages where people make "suggestions" on what I should have done or should use because what I did was not good enough! I don't care about all that mess and I don't really care about what other people think! I'm not going to lose any sleep because of what anyone says or thinks! I don't have time for that crap!!

But the problem is after a while and the more people there are watching and reading the more negativity they bring with them! Most of the time they have no idea what they are talking about! They make assumptions and talk out of their asses & try to make a point when they need to go and do something with themselves and their lives instead of worrying about me and mine.

The post I made previously was not me talking about what mistakes I made because my children are in no way shape or form a mistake! STUPID! I was talking about how all birth control causes health problems for me! Not just hair shedding but other things as well, but since this is a hair blog that is all I stated. Also it was a small tidbit of advice for anyone who has been in that type of situation! Abuse should NOT be tolerated! & being married is not a necessity! I could be married right now if I wanted to but that is not what I want at the moment! That's not where I need to be!

I hate it most when people make comments about others without knowing the whole story! You can have your opinion on something whatever it may be but why do you have to make it known before getting the whole story! I could put my whole life out there but I chose not to and the smallest bit of info I do give someone tries to twist it negatively! Why! it's unnecessary!

Being responsible is what I am about! Otherwise I would not be in my 4th yr of college about to graduate, major- Biology! Otherwise my kids would not be taken care of and the state would have them! Otherwise my kids would be miserable and not have a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs! Otherwise my cabinets and fridge would not be stuffed with food! I am a mother first and foremost and a student second! I hold down 2 jobs at once and still find time to help others and make youtube videos (which are very time consuming!) Those who do not appreciate me & what I do need to move on and unsubscribe!

Here is the comment that was posted by ANONYMOUS:

so you are 22 with not one, not two, but THREE kids and no husband?!?!? hmm...if I were you, that would be birth control enough for me... maybe you should prioritize your kids, and school, and by the time you finish all of that you won't have time for sex!!! :-) Also, remember, it's not just taking birth control so that you don't get pregnant yet again, it's being a responsible mother and woman, and setting a good example, and being a good role model for them, and not just doing any and everything in front of them, or having just any man around them....maybe you can at least try to prevent them from doing what you did...good luck.

It seems that this person may have meant well to a degree (yea right!) but this kind of thing pisses me off because they are saying I am not responsible, I don't prioritize the most important things in my life, and I am not a good role model and am doing all kinds of things in front of my children! WTF!!

You know NOTHING about me or how I'm living except for what I put on youtube! Who the hell are you!! Don't make assumptions about someone that you do not know because it is ignorant and you sound stupid! And thank you for making and ass of u and me (assume-get it lol)!

& I'm 23! & if I was so worried about having a man around I would have been married a long time ago! I did nothing wrong and am a grow woman! I do not condone teenage pregnancy and think its all ok! However I think that if you are in the right mindset, have a good support system, and are able to take care of you priorities it can be done and there is nothing wrong with it! There is nothing wrong with having kids as long as you can take care of them and prepare them for life! Also their is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a single parent! Half of today's marriages end in divorce, mixed families are more and more common! I don't want to be married because truthfully a man cant do much for me that I cant or wouldn't rather do myself! Is a man going to pass my exams for me? Hell no!

Age is just a number and does not determine what kind of parent you will be! I know people 2x my age who still act like children! Come on! My age is nothing but how many years I have been on this earth! My age does not tell what I have been through, how I think, what I am doing with myself, or where I am going! I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, I don't drink! How would you know that what I am doing is inappropriate and I'm not teaching my kids right from wrong!

I have been on my own for years, and I don't ask anyone for anything! My kids go wanting for nothing! That is more than I can say for a LOT of people who have done it the "right" way! Marriage and all!
I'm 23 and I have way more than many people in their 30s! I am at a good place in my life I am happy and so are my babies! That is all that matters and it will do nothing but get better for us!

I feel like this is completely unnecessary but I just needed to get this out of my system! Not just because of this comment but also because of other people as well!

Don't bring your negativity to me cause like I said before I don't want it! Any stupidity will be deleted! If you want to have a debate on the issue then come correctly!

And thanks to this person there will be no more nameless comments on my blog! If you cant say whatever under your own name then your a coward! Don't come at me like that anonymously!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally the twists are done!

I have been talking about doing these twists for the longest! But I am finally getting to them. I wanted to have them done for my birthday so I am doing them on my birthday! LOL
The video will be up maybe tuesday when I am finished with everything else.
Ok let me get back to finishing these!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I love aussie more! & problems that need to be solved...

Yea so when I went to wash my hair I said I didn't feel like doing the clarifying thing so I just used the Aussie shampoo to wash. I absolutely loved it! Like I said I haven't used the shampoo in years and when I used it yesterday I was in heaven. I then put the Aussie conditioner all over and that made it feel so nice that I just left it on.

So yea, I have been cowashing with suave and Aussie & my hair is feeling nice and is soft again & I am loving it!

However, I am still having this problem with shedding. I hate when I don't comb for a few days because I come back and have SO much hair in my brush! I hate it! & I don't know what to do...
I am still taking my vitamins however I have been slacking on that a little. I need to get a pill box so that I can remember to take them when I am not home.

I have not been wearing my protective style as faithfully as I used to. For the past week I had my hair in a puff & I did not cowash daily, which is a HUGE NO NO!!

I think its because I have been a little stressed out about school. Mostly because I cant seem to find enough study time. Not to mention that when I am trying to study my mind is wandering elsewhere. I am supposed to be doing some research for my professor & sat down to find what I needed a few times but haven't been able to find anything! Yesterday I was looking for a few hrs, my baby girl shut off the computer & I lost everything I was looking up! bad girl! ;)

I need to set a schedule and stick to it. I think that from now on I am going to stay at least an hr after class to get some time in since I cant seem to get anything done school wise at home. Procrastination never pays off! I'm glad that I am off til next week so my job wont get in the way cause I have an exam on Monday. For those of you moms who are student and have jobs also you all know its hard! But I'm just going to keep moving forward because dwelling on my troubles and problems is not going to fix them.

Main points:
  1. Keep the hair in a protective style always!
  2. Cowash! cowash! cowash!
  3. Stick to the vit reg!
  4. Stop the procrastination!
  5. Stay after class to get work done instead of rushing home!
  6. Keep moving forward & working toward the future!!
Another thing I still have not made my sulfur mt mix yet I will do that since sulfur helped with my shedding before. Man I swear I hate Birth control! I would just get rid of it but I am way to fertile! Its not like I do the deed everyday or at all seriously.. But my last baby came from a 1ns w/ bd with a jacket on... I'm afraid that if I do anything again I will be sitting here with 4! lol Which I really have no problem taking care of my babies what so ever its just hard with the ity bity ones and getting my school work done. & for those of you wondering about my marital status... I am single with a few prospective husbands waiting for me to break my shell. But me and the father of my children are not and will never be together. It was my choice to end it & any woman who is in an abusive relationship needs to get out of it as soon as possible. & that's all I will say about that for now.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I hope you have found my posts to be useful!!

P.S. Ignorant people who like to make anonymous comments keep the shit to yourself!! My life My choices! I made no mistakes and have no regrets! & I am happy where I am in life & am a better person for it!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Reminding myself!

I think I just reminded myself why I dont straighten my hair very often. I deep conditioned and my hair was not feeling the way that I wanted it to feel. So, it looks like I'm going to have to pull out the aphogee. I love the way my hair looks and feels while straight but after that is all gone its a whole 'notha story! I have to whip my hair back into shape!

So what I am going to do is
  • shampoo with my suave shampoo to clarify.
  • shampoo again with aussie moist shampoo mixed with conditioner.
  • I am then going to cowash with aussie moist.
  • Do a protein treatment with aphogee 2step.
  • Finally do a deep dc with lekair mixed with motions cpr.

I just got the aussie moist shampoo & conditioner. 33.8oz for $5.34 each at walmart. I used to use aussie & loved it before so when I saw those huge bottles with pumps & all I had to get them. I do need to go to the BSS also & get some motions conditioner. I love those but have not bought any in a while. the only kindI have left is the motions cpr. I need to restock...
I have been wearing the baggy since I finished washing my hair so hopefully my ends are nice & smooth.

I'll be back to tell how it comes out

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