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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I just realized how out of sync my fotki, youtube, and blog is. I straightened my hair it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. Did it for valentines day cause me and my girls were going out. I did a little too much at the bar, haha but its ok. But I'm glad I did cause I trimmed all the splits that I had; did a mean search & destroy mission and still am...

I blew it out really good with the blowdryer and then flatironed it really good. It is always best to have a ceramic flatiron because with any other I would have had to go over it at least 3 times to get it smooth. I slid down each peice 1 time, at the most twice. the hair was smooth as silk! I love my FHI! I have had it for a few years and am thinking of getting another just to have. One with a temp setting! lol

What I did:
  • I dc with suave, aphogee reconstructor, and lekair
  • I washed with suave citrus smoothie shampoo
  • I dc again with lekair & motions cpr, overnight but with heat for the first hr.
  • I then rinsed it out and let it airdry with a towel for 10-15 min.
  • I applied my butter cone blend (which I LOVE!) and CHI silk infusion
  • Then blew the hair out in sections holding the hair taught.
  • Then I flatironed each 1/4" section
  • I did a saran wrap treatment the next day which came out FAB!
  • Finally I trimmed and have been trimming as I see splits.

I love the way my hair looks when I blowdry then flat iron as opposed to rollersetting and flatironing. Even though blowdrying is not healthy I love the results! Its always so smooth and silky. Why cant I get the same with a rollerset? Maybe its my technique, I dont know. I think I will just do rollersets when I want to wear it curly or pouffy! lol

I dont know what to do as far as music goes in my videos cause there is always so much background noise. Also voice overs are kinda hard cause I'm not very outspoken or as charismatic as some are and I dont always know how to say what I want to say. I am better at writing that speaking, especially when talking to alot of people. My son wanted to say something so I let him, even though I kept butting in... That boy can go on and on for hours telling stories its so cute! He could probably narrate all my videos from now on!! haha wouldnt that be cute! lmao!

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