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Thursday, January 15, 2009

How long?

I don't know how long I am going to keep my bob in... all I know is right now I am absolutely dying to do another hairstyle! lol
My next hairstyle will be some twists and coils because I have been wanting to do them and also have a request for them soooooo.....
Then a week later I will do another sew in. This one is going to be a long Italian body wave or a spanish wave and I am going to sew it onto a net that will be sewed around the perimeter of my own hair. I am going to leave out very little hair which I will keep rollerset to help it blend into the weave. I will not be flatironing that section or combing it except to rollerset.
The last time I left hair out in front it broke off while the rest grew like crazy. That was before I started really caring for my hair. I was brushing like crazy in order to blend my hair with the weave. Not this time! This time I will not comb or do any major manipulation to the hair that is going to be left out.
I have thought about this for a while and am still hesatant to leave any hair out but I am going to do it this time. I havent worn hair out in a weave since 2005. WOW!
Lets see how this goes....
I just dont know when I will do it yet....
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