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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Henna love <33

So, I was going to do a henna treatment and do a video about it. I grabbed everything that I like to use in my henna mix, my lekair, my honey, my acv, my aphogee reconstructor, my suave. Everything except the plain yogurt cause I am out. :(

I'm getting ready to mix & I realize that I don't have the most important ingredient. The Henna!

I begin to look frantically for my henna which was in a clear plastic bag that was in the cabinet behind everything. I could not find it at all.

So I'm asking "has anyone seen my henna." To which they reply "whats that?"
"It was the green powder in the plastic bag." " I don't know what you are talking about"

................. :(

"Ooooooohhhh so that's what that stuff was. Oh I threw that away."

Why would someone do such a thing? To through away my beloved henna. Do you have any idea how devastating that is? To have something that you love & cherish just get thrown away in the garbage like it was some foreign disgusting looking thing that was shoved in the back of the cabinet out of sight so that no one would know about it so that it could grow & fester 7 harbor all kinds of bacteria. It was back there so that light wouldn't get to it, and now its gone....

Now I have to go all the way to the Indian store and buy some more. & we all know I'm lazy and don't like to do things that are completely unnecessary. Such as driving all out of the way to buy more henna when I had a whole big bag of it sitting where I thought no one would bother it. I have better things to waste my gas on.....


No, but seriously, I love henna! <33333
I do henna glosses & recently the last one that I did I didn't have any yogurt. Which by the way yogurt in henna= the softest most moisturized hair ever! I used salt in the last mix actually, and can I say WOW!! The hair came out ssooooooo soft and lovely it was ridiculous! I know I posted about Henna b4 but so what!

I love henna!!!!
<333 <333 <3333333

Who else loves henna as much as I do?
Henna for hair, henna tattoos all of it! I don't think I posted any of the pics of the henna tattoos I have done.... Don't even know if I have them anymore.... Maybe I will do pics & maybe vids of that if anyone is interested..... Hmmmmm
Can you tell that I like to ramble on and on and on and on & on & on & on...........
for now....


Anonymous said...

just found your blog, and am loving it, i also have natural hair, almost like yours but shorter and i think my is thicker(like stronger). anyways it will be great if you upload pictures aswell, and a link with your youtube videos... I LOVE YOUR HAIR..and mine 2..:P

Fro said...

Gonna have to try this when my hair grows out a bit. (well... a lot more)

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