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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Henna love <33

So, I was going to do a henna treatment and do a video about it. I grabbed everything that I like to use in my henna mix, my lekair, my honey, my acv, my aphogee reconstructor, my suave. Everything except the plain yogurt cause I am out. :(

I'm getting ready to mix & I realize that I don't have the most important ingredient. The Henna!

I begin to look frantically for my henna which was in a clear plastic bag that was in the cabinet behind everything. I could not find it at all.

So I'm asking "has anyone seen my henna." To which they reply "whats that?"
"It was the green powder in the plastic bag." " I don't know what you are talking about"

................. :(

"Ooooooohhhh so that's what that stuff was. Oh I threw that away."

Why would someone do such a thing? To through away my beloved henna. Do you have any idea how devastating that is? To have something that you love & cherish just get thrown away in the garbage like it was some foreign disgusting looking thing that was shoved in the back of the cabinet out of sight so that no one would know about it so that it could grow & fester 7 harbor all kinds of bacteria. It was back there so that light wouldn't get to it, and now its gone....

Now I have to go all the way to the Indian store and buy some more. & we all know I'm lazy and don't like to do things that are completely unnecessary. Such as driving all out of the way to buy more henna when I had a whole big bag of it sitting where I thought no one would bother it. I have better things to waste my gas on.....


No, but seriously, I love henna! <33333
I do henna glosses & recently the last one that I did I didn't have any yogurt. Which by the way yogurt in henna= the softest most moisturized hair ever! I used salt in the last mix actually, and can I say WOW!! The hair came out ssooooooo soft and lovely it was ridiculous! I know I posted about Henna b4 but so what!

I love henna!!!!
<333 <333 <3333333

Who else loves henna as much as I do?
Henna for hair, henna tattoos all of it! I don't think I posted any of the pics of the henna tattoos I have done.... Don't even know if I have them anymore.... Maybe I will do pics & maybe vids of that if anyone is interested..... Hmmmmm
Can you tell that I like to ramble on and on and on and on & on & on & on...........
for now....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why.. :P

Why is it that when I do a hairstyle, I usually say i am going to leave it in for at least 2 months but, I never seem to make it past 3-4 weeks!? haha. I think its funny that whenever I make a plan for my hair to be put away I hardly stick to it.

I guess I just missed my hair that much. When I took it out I couldn't keep my hands off it! My hair grew a little and was so full it was crazy. But when i detangled it I lost sooo much hair!! I had the weave in for exactly 30 days. I cut it a few times, attempting to keep my interest but it didn't work. It was cute and the last cut was too sexy! oh well...

I keep forgetting to order my stuff from puritan. arggg! :P I finally did it tonight though.... Finally.
Hopefully this will reduce my shedding along with the sulfur.

Why is it that every bc I get on makes me shed like crazy?

Why is it that so many people do not understand my reasons for wearing weaves?
"You got hair. Why do you always cover it up?" "I hate when girls wear weave."

Why is it that when people see me with a weave they assume I am one of those bald head girls who have no edges & no sense?

Why is it that when someone sees someone else doing something to their own hair they have to make such a big fuss about it like its happening to them?

Why is it that when people find out that I have 3 kids they then want to act like they feel sorry for me or make some dumb ass comment such as " you need to slow down!"?
Its none of your business & my kids are not a problem other people are.

Why is it that girlfriends always feel the need to fight their battles with the other woman rather than the man who is actually the one causing the problems??
I see this way too often! There is no way you are going to stop your man from cheating by dealing with someone who probably didn't know anything about you. You have to deal with the man who in most cases isn't worthy of your time if he is cheating & lying...

Go figure..

I have more, believe me!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How long?

I don't know how long I am going to keep my bob in... all I know is right now I am absolutely dying to do another hairstyle! lol
My next hairstyle will be some twists and coils because I have been wanting to do them and also have a request for them soooooo.....
Then a week later I will do another sew in. This one is going to be a long Italian body wave or a spanish wave and I am going to sew it onto a net that will be sewed around the perimeter of my own hair. I am going to leave out very little hair which I will keep rollerset to help it blend into the weave. I will not be flatironing that section or combing it except to rollerset.
The last time I left hair out in front it broke off while the rest grew like crazy. That was before I started really caring for my hair. I was brushing like crazy in order to blend my hair with the weave. Not this time! This time I will not comb or do any major manipulation to the hair that is going to be left out.
I have thought about this for a while and am still hesatant to leave any hair out but I am going to do it this time. I havent worn hair out in a weave since 2005. WOW!
Lets see how this goes....
I just dont know when I will do it yet....

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