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Friday, December 19, 2008


Youtube has lost their minds! Algorithmically demote videos based on language. Bullshit!! I try not to curse in my videos but seriously language is not a good reason to demote a video. Content is!! All the hate and racism that goes on, on youtube is ridiculous!

I have received quite a few racist and ignorant messages and had to block a few people. If youtube & google doesn't do anything to those people who are making those types of videos then there is no reason for them to take away from those who make vaild points and pass on important messages just because there may be some language used. i have said this before... You cant solve a problem unless you fix the bigger more important issues first.

The way someone talks vs what that person says...

Which is more important??

I am planning on entering scandolous beauty billyb contest those will be uploaded on the 21st b4 midnight I hope...

Sticking to a regimen

I am a procrastinator to the fullest! I always say i can do that tomorrow. Then alot of the time tomorrow never comes. When it comes to taking my vits I am good for the first few days, most of the time the first few weeks. What happens is I get a bit overwhelmed with other things and I forget them one day. Then I forget them another day. Then I just say I missed too many days I'll just start back up another time. The longest time I have taken my vits on a consistant basis is i believe 5-6 months.

I am going to start a vitamin regimen starting now and I am going to add more things when I get my shippment from puritan. My plan is to decrease the amont of shedding that I have, increase the amount of growth, and start to use my megatek again along with my sulfur oil.

Right now I am going to be taking MSM, Biotin, & vit-c.
I will be adding a multi, a b-complex, garlic oil, and evening primrose oil.
seems like alot but its not. Plus its all in the name of hair growth so its worth it. Plus the things I am taking are also great for overall health. When i was consistent with them before my skin was very clear, I was more energetic, my thoughts were clearer. The only problem I had were the headaches that you get when you take biotin and msm and dont drink enough water.

I will also be attempting to eat a healthier diet. I will eat more eggs, fish, and nuts. And i will drink my 64+oz of water each day.

I will post a video on all this once the youtube blackout is over....


oh and I haven't done my sewin yet. I will do that next week hopefully. The protective styles are going to be part of my self challenge. I think my time frame will be 3-6 months...

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