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Friday, November 14, 2008


I am all finished with my exams! Didn't get to the finals yet but almost there... it has been a crazy week work, school, 3 exams and a oral presentation! I cant believe I got through it! Who else is as bad at oral presenting as me!? Me standing up in front of a group of people and talking do not mix! lol it wasn't that bad... ;)

NEwayzzzzzz.... It is that time again. Time to put my hair away. I will be doing a modified sewin weave and I will put a step by step on youtube. Not the full version because that would kinda be impossible...
But yeah, here is the written version of it.

1. Wash & DC and detangle
2. Braid all the hair down
3. Sew the weaving net onto the braids or put on wig net
4. Sew the tracks onto the net in whatever pattern you like. It depends on what you would like the final outcome to be. Horseshoe shape or spiral are the most often used methods for me.

For a visual just check my youtube I will have it on there as soon as I have time to sew in my hair.

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