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Sunday, November 23, 2008

No time!

Man when I tell you that I have no time for anything I really mean anything! If I am not at school I am at work. If I am not at work or school I am trying to study. Its been crazy I haven't been able to do vids or post and catch up on LHCF.....

Did I write about that already? lol Doesn't matter just know that I am super super extremely busy!

I haven't had time to do my hair and have been wearing it in 2 pigtails looking like a cute little girl. Someone told me I look 12yrs old again. lol! I am going to go back to the baggy ponytail for a while maybe 2 more weeks. Then after finals i will do the sewin and post that video.

I finally did my nails. Some gels, they came out good, considering I haven't done my nails in a good 2 months. Gels are hard to work with but I am still learning.

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