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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update! School Youtube and The Hair

I havent updated in a while. I just started my 4th year of college and am looking forward to graduating. I havent decided on a few things that I have been thinking about this past year but I will know for sure at the end of this semester what I want to do. I also started working again so I am kind of happy about that. I am happy that I have a job now, I am just a little frustrated that I am not working in the field that I need to be in, so that I can get the experience that I need. And seriously I kind of have no idea who to talk to or where to go to find that kind of job where I live. The only thing I can think of is one of the colleges or hospitals. I dont really know where to start...

I will figure that out when I get to that point.

My laptop that I transfer all my vids to was down for a while so I wasnt able to upload any videos to my youtube. It is back on now and I will be doing videos when I have time. I finally posted the rollersetting video after like a month or so. :( My next video will be some zigzag french braids(cornrows) and obviously more makeup. I have a bunch of ideas for halloween that I will post as I do them.

Ok, on to the hair...
I still have not measured my hair! WTF! But after I did the rollerset I said I was going to trim it. I ended up cutting it. About an inch I cut off. No more split ends! :) I have been forgetting to wear my scarf at night and I know that it is affecting my hair. But I have gotten over the take care of the hair at all costs idea. I just let my hair do its thing. Keep it in a protective style and dont comb it and so far so good. I may regret it later but right now I am not really worrying about it.
When I get like this, whe I start to not care about my hair, I know it is time to put it up into a style where I dont have to think about my hair at all. So I am going to wear french braids for the nest few months or so. I may do a roller set in between after the temps go down more. Right now I am going to keep my hair braided up.

Tommorrow I am going to wash my hair and my baby girls hair and we are both getting braided up. We will keep our hair in braids for a week and redo. I will be rubbing megatek and my sulfur oil on my scalp daily. And we will clarify and DC before the braids are put back in.
What else? Hhmmmm...

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