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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two Videos

I made two videos on youtube about my hair. Total of 8 videos so far. My next video will be a product video, every product that I have and how I use it. I will also do a video on twisting by the end of the week when I redo my twists. Check them out, and subscribe! I have alot more that I want to do, hair, nails, skin, and makeup related!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

My hair today

I have my hair in cornrows right now. With the baby and everything else I have kind of forgotten about my hair. I am almost ready to take them out and when I do I will do a DEEP DEEP Condition. I did a Aphogee protein treatment last week, which turned out well. I havent measured my hair in a while, will do maybe next month or so.

That is all for now...<3

Ovation Cell Therapy/ Mega Tek

I finally jumped on the bandwagon! I bought the Mega Tek rebuilder and will start using it as soon as it gets here!
What sucks is every place I went to was out of stock on the 16oz so I ended up buying the gallon size. I just hope it works for me so I didn't waste my money!

I plan on using it daily as a cowash/leave-in...:)

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I created an account on youtube and will be uploading videos as soon as I get my new camera or find my old one. I will have videos demonstrating makeup application, hairstyles and howto's on alot of diferent things.

Hopefully this will be a good experience. Also I will start another blog dedicated to youtube and what ever I am thinking of doing videos on. It will all be coming soon once I et everything together.

I have posted my youtube link on the sidebar and if you have an account friend me!


I'm am back in my 2strands again. I kind of got tired of the wig and havent worn it since last month. I still love it though and will wear it again eventually when the temps go back down.

I lost my camera! I am so mad because I had a couple of pics that I was going to upload and my sd card was in it, I will have to get a new one if I dont find it. >:(

Anywayzzzz... my next hair style will be some cornrows and then I will rock my phoneypony or a little bit till I figure out what I want to do with my hair. I do need to get a hair cut to get rid of my split ends. I will do that soon, maybe go to the salon, who knows.(yeah right)

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