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Sunday, June 15, 2008

WnG a success!

I finished my Wng today and I am so happy because It looks GOOD! It curled up really nice and I dont have too much shrinkage, about half the length. The gel and the length is weighing it down a good amount. Pics in the fotki.

My hair is so bouncy and even with all the gel it still blows in the wind!

What I did this time:(I know this is repeated)
I poo'ed and DC overnight
rinsed and added suave conditioner
smoothed in some oil and then gel.
I noticed that the curls werent really forming as easy as before so I took out the denman/goody brush I brushed through my entire head and smoothed it all out. I scrunch it a little and let it be till it dried.
My hair curled up so nice and pretty.

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