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Thursday, June 05, 2008

To iron or not to iron

ok, so I have been wearing my LF nonstop for the past month. Took down my braids to wash and I can tell that my hair has grown alot! Then like a nut I decided to do my nails before I finished braiding it back up! I was anxious because I just got my package, had to do them. I have been doing my gel nails but have never done acrylics. thats another story...
It has been like two days I havent gone anywhere, except to pick my son up from school. LOL! I'm a mess let me tell you. Been wearing my scarf.
The thing is, I cant decide if I want to finish braiding it up or take it down wash & DC it and flatiron it. My hair hasnt been straight since xmas and I would love to see the length and post new pics. Also I have a thing to go to this weekend and my ex will be there. I have to look good just for that, so he can be mad he dosent have me. LOL, I love doing that!
But then my LF is long itself and looks good and looks real. And I wouldnt have to go through that much to put it on. I will be done in like 15-20 min vs. almost 2 days of treatments, rollersetting, and flatironing.
I am thinking for my hairs sake i should finish braiding it and put it away. Forget showing it off to someone that I dont want.

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