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Monday, June 09, 2008

Callenges! on LHCF

Joined two challenges on LHCF. These are the first that I have joined on this forum. Total so far I am in 3 challenges for this and next year.

I am in:
1. brastrap length 2008
2. 12 inches in 12 months challenge
3. mid- back length 2009

1. For the first challenge I am looking to grow my hair to BSL by the end of this year. I am very close to it right now and will hopefully make my goal by then.
2. The second challenge I will be attempting to grow twice my normal growth rate. My hair does grow the average rate of 1/2" per month. So I am looking to obtain about 12" by may/june next year. To make his goal I am taking some vits and using some growth aids.
3. My goal is to grow my hair to MBL and I will hopefully reach that goal in 2009. I am looking to be 2-3 inches past BSL in early 2009.

How will I achieve these goals?
I am taking vitamins to aid in overall health and faster hair growth. Which are 1.5g MSM, 500mg vit-C, B complex, 5mg biotin, 1g EPO. I am and plan on continuing to wear protective styles until the end of this year. Right now I am wearing my LF with my hair braided underneath pics in fotki. I will straighten my hair sometime soon to do a length check. Also I am using sulfur oil and will be adding mn and maybe mega-tek to my reg as growth aids. By doing these things along with my normal reg I hope to retain all length and double my growth rate.

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