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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back on the vits

Had my son about 5 weeks ago, just recently stopped nursing. So I jumped right back on the wagon. I am taking all the vits I was taking before. I was going to start off slow and increase the dose gradually. But I just jumped right back in where I left off. I am taking:
biotin 5mg
MSM 1500mg
EPO 1000mg

The EPO and vitC I take in the morning. The msm is powdered, i put it in water and sip it throughout the day. The biotin and bcomplex I take before bed.
I am trying to drink more water, but thats not going very well. I also drink carrot juice everyday.

I plan on alternating some things such as, the biotin. I want to take it consistently for 1-3 months and see how it grows then either stop or lower the dose for 1 month then start back up again. I may do the same with MSM.
I read that the initial burst of growth that you get when first starting wears off after a while. I think this is true because when I was taking it before I wasnt getting as much growth the whole time as I did when I first started.
Hopefully this will increase my growth rate along with my sulfur oil. I will be doing mn daily for about a month soon.

Lastly, I have been reading up on the mea-tek/oct thingy, and I am debating on whether or not I want to add that to my reg also. Decisions decisions...

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