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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I got a tattoo yesterday. I have been wanting one for so long and finally did it. I am glad I waited till now to get it, because the guy who ws going to do it before wasnt very good. I got this other guy to do it and I LOVE it.
I go five butterflies. One mommy with purple and light blue wings. A daddy with dark blue in the wings. Then three baby ones with my kids favorite colors, red and blue, purple and pink, and light blue and dark blue.

It is soooo prettttyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thinking back...

I have been looking at my past pics of my WnGs and comparing them with my hair now. I love the texture of my hair and I know that the curls will form eventually, but I dont know about when it is dry. I had nice curls when it was wet but once it dried it turned into a complete POOF.
I actually want the curls to be like they were when I was texturized. I think I may do it again. It looks fine but I like more defined curls.

If I decide to texturize I will wait until next summer to do so after I reach my goal of MBL.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

WnG a success!

I finished my Wng today and I am so happy because It looks GOOD! It curled up really nice and I dont have too much shrinkage, about half the length. The gel and the length is weighing it down a good amount. Pics in the fotki.

My hair is so bouncy and even with all the gel it still blows in the wind!

What I did this time:(I know this is repeated)
I poo'ed and DC overnight
rinsed and added suave conditioner
smoothed in some oil and then gel.
I noticed that the curls werent really forming as easy as before so I took out the denman/goody brush I brushed through my entire head and smoothed it all out. I scrunch it a little and let it be till it dried.
My hair curled up so nice and pretty.

Take a break

I decided to take a short beak from the LF for a few days. I havent worn my hair in so long and I miss it. Plus, I really wanted to try and see how my WnG is going to look now.
I took off the lf and undid my braids. I poo'ed and DC in five big braids like always. I detangled my hair and right now still have the lekair and aphogee 2min reconstructor in under a shower cap. In the morning I plan yo rinse this out, add some suave and oil, and smooth in some gel. I hope it will turn out ok, because I really want to do the WnG again this summer.

I will do this for about a week and then put the wig back on.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Callenges! on LHCF

Joined two challenges on LHCF. These are the first that I have joined on this forum. Total so far I am in 3 challenges for this and next year.

I am in:
1. brastrap length 2008
2. 12 inches in 12 months challenge
3. mid- back length 2009

1. For the first challenge I am looking to grow my hair to BSL by the end of this year. I am very close to it right now and will hopefully make my goal by then.
2. The second challenge I will be attempting to grow twice my normal growth rate. My hair does grow the average rate of 1/2" per month. So I am looking to obtain about 12" by may/june next year. To make his goal I am taking some vits and using some growth aids.
3. My goal is to grow my hair to MBL and I will hopefully reach that goal in 2009. I am looking to be 2-3 inches past BSL in early 2009.

How will I achieve these goals?
I am taking vitamins to aid in overall health and faster hair growth. Which are 1.5g MSM, 500mg vit-C, B complex, 5mg biotin, 1g EPO. I am and plan on continuing to wear protective styles until the end of this year. Right now I am wearing my LF with my hair braided underneath pics in fotki. I will straighten my hair sometime soon to do a length check. Also I am using sulfur oil and will be adding mn and maybe mega-tek to my reg as growth aids. By doing these things along with my normal reg I hope to retain all length and double my growth rate.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back on the vits

Had my son about 5 weeks ago, just recently stopped nursing. So I jumped right back on the wagon. I am taking all the vits I was taking before. I was going to start off slow and increase the dose gradually. But I just jumped right back in where I left off. I am taking:
biotin 5mg
MSM 1500mg
EPO 1000mg

The EPO and vitC I take in the morning. The msm is powdered, i put it in water and sip it throughout the day. The biotin and bcomplex I take before bed.
I am trying to drink more water, but thats not going very well. I also drink carrot juice everyday.

I plan on alternating some things such as, the biotin. I want to take it consistently for 1-3 months and see how it grows then either stop or lower the dose for 1 month then start back up again. I may do the same with MSM.
I read that the initial burst of growth that you get when first starting wears off after a while. I think this is true because when I was taking it before I wasnt getting as much growth the whole time as I did when I first started.
Hopefully this will increase my growth rate along with my sulfur oil. I will be doing mn daily for about a month soon.

Lastly, I have been reading up on the mea-tek/oct thingy, and I am debating on whether or not I want to add that to my reg also. Decisions decisions...

To iron or not to iron

ok, so I have been wearing my LF nonstop for the past month. Took down my braids to wash and I can tell that my hair has grown alot! Then like a nut I decided to do my nails before I finished braiding it back up! I was anxious because I just got my package, had to do them. I have been doing my gel nails but have never done acrylics. thats another story...
It has been like two days I havent gone anywhere, except to pick my son up from school. LOL! I'm a mess let me tell you. Been wearing my scarf.
The thing is, I cant decide if I want to finish braiding it up or take it down wash & DC it and flatiron it. My hair hasnt been straight since xmas and I would love to see the length and post new pics. Also I have a thing to go to this weekend and my ex will be there. I have to look good just for that, so he can be mad he dosent have me. LOL, I love doing that!
But then my LF is long itself and looks good and looks real. And I wouldnt have to go through that much to put it on. I will be done in like 15-20 min vs. almost 2 days of treatments, rollersetting, and flatironing.
I am thinking for my hairs sake i should finish braiding it and put it away. Forget showing it off to someone that I dont want.

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