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Saturday, May 03, 2008

The LF has arrived...

My lf finally came and it is pretty as hell. very nice hair the only complaint that I have is that the hairline that I requested to be natural is crooked as hell and it is a little too small. The ear to ear
across forehead is too short and I'm pretty sure I measured that big enough. It would fit alot better if I had less or no hair.
I'm working on my app, the first I used safegrip and blueliner and it barely held for five minutes.
The second I used supertape and davlyn waterproof. That was soooo much better but it did pull up on the sides because of the tension from it being too small.
It looks way too wiggy at the moment, I need to get it cut. I want to put some pretty layers into it.
I have everything that I need except the rit dye. I keep forgetting to get it when I go to walmart.
I am definitely going to order another one. A curly from Rex, maybe next month.
I am going to try another braid pattern to see if I can get a better fit. I think I will be able to but I worry about how the wig will look on top. The way I am thinking should take a few inches out and make it look more natural. I HOPE!
We will see...

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