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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

First real application pics posted

I put pics of my first real application. It actually is the third but the first two were like a trial of the glues. I was able to get the unit to fit without pulling. It is not tight anymore and I rebraided my hair so it would lay flatter. First my hair was braided all going back. Now I have the front going back and the back going up withe the ends of the braids sewed down.
I am thinking the next time I will braid it going around in a spiral as small as I possibly can. I dont know how that will work because my hair is extremely thick and getting longer.

I will order another lf within the next few months. I'm thinking either a wavy from jacksun or a curly from rex. I will end up getting both but I dont really know which I want first. I am going to add to my measurements also, about an inch to the ear2ear across forehead and front to nape and .5-1" to the circumference and nape. Need more room as the hair grows, dont know if that will be enough but we shall see.

Did I mention that I love this hair! Its f$*&ing beautiful!

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