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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Impatiently Waiting

Still waiting for the LF to arrive. It has been 4 weeks now so it should be done within the next week or so (I hope). I am also waiting on a few other things, such as the birth of my son. I have been contracting and hoping he comes sooner rather than later.

After my baby is born I am going to spend some time beautifying myself. I am practicing some makeup techniques, shopping, buying new clothes, my LFW, my nails, working out. I want to get my B4 baby figure back. This is number three and I'm not out of shape or overweight ( I'm probably a little underweight) I just hate having that pouch of fat in front from the baby. With every pregnancy it gets a little bigger. I'm still not used to it, having an extremely flat stomach all my life.
I want rock hard, well defined abs! I plan on getting the contour after the baby. I also want to get my first tattoo, a little butterfly with my children's names.

On to the hair...
I have been wearing it in two strand twists for the past month or so. Still neglecting it and not wearing a scarf. I have been so stressed it makes no sense and the stupid people around me are not making it any easier. I have been just cowashing every couple of days and retwisting when needed. I trimmed some of the ends off and will cut it down some more when the wig gets here.

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