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Saturday, March 29, 2008

March purchases

I have bought a few things this month. first I finally decided what kind of lace front I wanted to start off with and who I wanted to order from.

My lace wig specifications are as follows:
  • chinese remy light yaki
  • length- 22"
  • color- #2
  • full french lace with stretch from ear to ear
  • baby hair around perimeter
  • bleached knots
  • freestyle parting
  • natural hairline
  • density- light at hairline medium everywhere else
The price of the wig was $240 which included shipping costs. Plus $14 for western union fees it came up to $254. I bought 91% alcohol, acetone, acrylic spray, and fray block. All I really need now is the rit dye, glue, tape, scalp protector. I was thinking of getting safe grip, davlyn waterproof, supertape, blue lace support tape, proflex no shine for my starting adhesives. Then if these don't work (which I'm sure at least some of them will or in combination will) I will get ultra hold and vapon no tape.

I do plan on getting at least 1-2 more lf. I want a curly one and if the chinese yaki refuses to hold a curl for very long I will get a wavy indian remy one.

Also I decided to get back into doing my nails. I bought a gel nail kit and will get an acrylic set also. I used to do my nails all the time and was inspired by some beautiful 3d acrylic art to get back into it. when I decide to do it I will put pics in the fotki.

Finally about my hair, I am now wearing my hair in twists until I get my wig next month. When I get the wig my hair will be put away in braids underneath until the end of the year.

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