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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rollersetting and flat ironing

I have been rollersetting every so often for a few years now. Even though I have not done it that often they always come out great, well the more recent ones. I had a bunch of pics of the more recent rollersets that I have done but lost them all in the process of transferring them to my fotki. Here is how I rollerset.
comb, denman brush, rollers, clips if using magnetic, pins if using mesh, moisturizer, heat protectant, dryer, flat iron, plastic wrap, spray bottle

My technique is as follows:
1)wash and deep condition hair- I usually like to clarify and use a little protein b4 a rollerset
2)while hair is soaking wet spray heat protectant and add moisturizer and maybe a little setting/wrap lotion
3)section hair- sometimes I do a mohawk w/ three sections on each side, or any way I feel like for the look I want
4)begin rolling small sections clipping or pinning each roller securely- the sections of hair should not be longer or wider than the roller, the hair should be tight on the roller and very wet
5)when finished rolling all the hair sit under dryer
6) when fully dry remove rollers
7) spray a little more heat protectant and flat iron the roots- my hair never turns out the way I like when I blow out the roots
8) if I want it straight I wrap the hair and do a silk wrap- wrap the hair and cover with plastic wrap and sit under the dryer for 10 min. and unwrap.

Any way I would like to take this time to review macherieamour's guide to rollersetting. I enjoyed watching this video, and even though I am pretty good already it does help to see someone else's technique. I knew most of what she said and did and I learned a few new tricks. I do recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how or wants to perfect their method of rollersetting.

Flatironing takes much less time and the results are much smoother. I swear if it was actually healthy for the hair I would do it more often. But, I will say that I have noticed a lot more breakage when flatironing versus rollerseting. Therefore I don't do it very often, perhaps once/twice a year.
My steps to flatironing are:
1) wash and deep condition- always clarify and use moisture and protein
2) spray with heat protectant and moisturize
3) allow to air dry 50%
4) blow dry the hair in sections, braid up when completely dry, or allow to air dry completely in braids
5) take very small sections from each braid, spray more heat protectant, detangle and flat iron while holding the hair taught and running the comb in front if the iron down the entire shaft
6) repeat until entire head is finished
7) do a silk wrap

To maintain the straight styles I wrap the hair when I am not out. I moisturize and seal with castor oil and keep it covered with a silk scarf. When I neglect it and forget to wrap, my roots revert very quickly. When my roots begin to revert I do the ponytail or the scarf method to keep it from looking crazy. Most of the time when it begins to revert I just wash it rather than dealing with that madness.
The curly styles are a bit harder for me to keep up. Pincurls don't work for me so I usually do the scarf method or roll them on solar rollers at night or throw on a bonnet and try not to smash the curls.
The moisturizer that I use is my own blend of butters, oils, and dimethicone. I have never found a better product than this for my straight styles. I used to use fantasia as my heat protectant(the pink one) I will never touch that stuff again. I used to think that the reason my rollersets ect were frizzy was because of my technique. Come to find out it was the fantasia. I now use silk elements and I will never go back.
Finally I always trim when straight and after I wash out the style I usually do a hard protein treatment to stop any breakage before it starts.

Come to think of it I haven't done a protein treatment in a few months. I just removed a set of braids that were left in for a month. My hair is back in the baggied ponytail and I will do a protein sometime this weekend. Then I may do a rollerset next weekend and add a few pics.

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