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Monday, February 25, 2008

BSL 2008

I have finally begun to come out of lurker mode. I officially joined BHM and began posting. I have also joined the BSL 2008 challenge on BHM. Right now I am APL and I need about 3-4" to be BSL. Since I am pregnant I stopped taking my vits except the prenatal. The baby is due early may and that is when I will get back on them. I want to get a good haircut sometime this year, about 2" off. And if everything goes to plan I will grow at least 5", cut 2", and the hair will be at least BSL if not longer by the end of the year.

My plan to get there is:
  • The first thing I will do is a fast to clear out the system
  • begin vit reg. in June starting slow and increasing to: 5mg biotin, 1.5g msm, 1g epo, b complex, multi
  • drink lots of water
  • increase protein intake- fish, chicken, eggs
  • start doing yoga and pilates again
  • nonstop protective styles till Dec.
  • frequent cowashing, especially during the summer
  • very minimal heat 2 passes till the end of the year
  • no manipulation while dry
  • dc 2x per week
  • baggie

My protective styles that I will wear till the end of the year:
  • baggied phony pony
  • buns
  • lace front wig
  • braids and twists
  • maybe a sew in weave or 27 piece glued to a cap

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