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Friday, December 19, 2008


Youtube has lost their minds! Algorithmically demote videos based on language. Bullshit!! I try not to curse in my videos but seriously language is not a good reason to demote a video. Content is!! All the hate and racism that goes on, on youtube is ridiculous!

I have received quite a few racist and ignorant messages and had to block a few people. If youtube & google doesn't do anything to those people who are making those types of videos then there is no reason for them to take away from those who make vaild points and pass on important messages just because there may be some language used. i have said this before... You cant solve a problem unless you fix the bigger more important issues first.

The way someone talks vs what that person says...

Which is more important??

I am planning on entering scandolous beauty billyb contest those will be uploaded on the 21st b4 midnight I hope...

Sticking to a regimen

I am a procrastinator to the fullest! I always say i can do that tomorrow. Then alot of the time tomorrow never comes. When it comes to taking my vits I am good for the first few days, most of the time the first few weeks. What happens is I get a bit overwhelmed with other things and I forget them one day. Then I forget them another day. Then I just say I missed too many days I'll just start back up another time. The longest time I have taken my vits on a consistant basis is i believe 5-6 months.

I am going to start a vitamin regimen starting now and I am going to add more things when I get my shippment from puritan. My plan is to decrease the amont of shedding that I have, increase the amount of growth, and start to use my megatek again along with my sulfur oil.

Right now I am going to be taking MSM, Biotin, & vit-c.
I will be adding a multi, a b-complex, garlic oil, and evening primrose oil.
seems like alot but its not. Plus its all in the name of hair growth so its worth it. Plus the things I am taking are also great for overall health. When i was consistent with them before my skin was very clear, I was more energetic, my thoughts were clearer. The only problem I had were the headaches that you get when you take biotin and msm and dont drink enough water.

I will also be attempting to eat a healthier diet. I will eat more eggs, fish, and nuts. And i will drink my 64+oz of water each day.

I will post a video on all this once the youtube blackout is over....


oh and I haven't done my sewin yet. I will do that next week hopefully. The protective styles are going to be part of my self challenge. I think my time frame will be 3-6 months...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

No time!

Man when I tell you that I have no time for anything I really mean anything! If I am not at school I am at work. If I am not at work or school I am trying to study. Its been crazy I haven't been able to do vids or post and catch up on LHCF.....

Did I write about that already? lol Doesn't matter just know that I am super super extremely busy!

I haven't had time to do my hair and have been wearing it in 2 pigtails looking like a cute little girl. Someone told me I look 12yrs old again. lol! I am going to go back to the baggy ponytail for a while maybe 2 more weeks. Then after finals i will do the sewin and post that video.

I finally did my nails. Some gels, they came out good, considering I haven't done my nails in a good 2 months. Gels are hard to work with but I am still learning.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I am all finished with my exams! Didn't get to the finals yet but almost there... it has been a crazy week work, school, 3 exams and a oral presentation! I cant believe I got through it! Who else is as bad at oral presenting as me!? Me standing up in front of a group of people and talking do not mix! lol it wasn't that bad... ;)

NEwayzzzzzz.... It is that time again. Time to put my hair away. I will be doing a modified sewin weave and I will put a step by step on youtube. Not the full version because that would kinda be impossible...
But yeah, here is the written version of it.

1. Wash & DC and detangle
2. Braid all the hair down
3. Sew the weaving net onto the braids or put on wig net
4. Sew the tracks onto the net in whatever pattern you like. It depends on what you would like the final outcome to be. Horseshoe shape or spiral are the most often used methods for me.

For a visual just check my youtube I will have it on there as soon as I have time to sew in my hair.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!!!

School is kicking my ass! I'm tripping at how much I'm sitting here reading and not doing the things that I like to do outside of school! Hair, soaps, nails, youtube, LHCF.....
I havent been on LHCF in so long it makes no sense! Only 3 weeks left! cant wait cant wait cant wait................

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Slacking!! But workin on it...

It seems like I am writing a post every few months about me slacking on my hair care! WTF! Yeah, I'm preoccupied with other things in my life and have been wearing my hair in ponytails, not tucked. And I have not worn my phony pony very often. I have a few split ends that need to go so I will be trimming the ends of my twists next time I wash.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Megatek Update!

It has been a month and a half since I started using megatek. As soon as I started it I also started using something else not hair related. My hair began shedding like crazy! Alot of hair! It was so much that I noticed that my hair line had thinned out. If you watch my pony baggy video you can see that I stop and look at the mirror like, hm strange...
So I really don't know which caused the shedding to be so severe but it has subsided now. I am still shedding, yes, but it is way less than it was before. If I had to guess I would say that the megatek caused the shedding. I say that because I was applying alot of it in the beginning, unnecessarily. Once I cut back on the amount that I used on my hair at one time I noticed the shedding decreased. And, the past 2 weeks I have not used it every day, I have noticed that the shedding has decreased more. Finally, when I first started I was using it on the hair line generously. Now I don't apply it to that hairline and whatever excess being rubbed into the scalp will get to the hairline also but it is way less than me applying straight to my hairline. Again, my hairline shedding has decreased.
So to counteract the shedding I was still getting I started using my sulfur oil along with the megatek and that has helped also.
Despite the shedding, my hair has grown alot due to using megatek. Like I said I have not measured it but, I cut and inch and my hair does feel like it is longer than it was before I cut that inch off. So all in all I am very happy with megatek and I am happy that I did not waste my money on the huge gallon for nothing!

Every day or whenever I remember I massage a small amount of megatek and some sulfur oil into my scalp. Thats it!

Update! School Youtube and The Hair

I havent updated in a while. I just started my 4th year of college and am looking forward to graduating. I havent decided on a few things that I have been thinking about this past year but I will know for sure at the end of this semester what I want to do. I also started working again so I am kind of happy about that. I am happy that I have a job now, I am just a little frustrated that I am not working in the field that I need to be in, so that I can get the experience that I need. And seriously I kind of have no idea who to talk to or where to go to find that kind of job where I live. The only thing I can think of is one of the colleges or hospitals. I dont really know where to start...

I will figure that out when I get to that point.

My laptop that I transfer all my vids to was down for a while so I wasnt able to upload any videos to my youtube. It is back on now and I will be doing videos when I have time. I finally posted the rollersetting video after like a month or so. :( My next video will be some zigzag french braids(cornrows) and obviously more makeup. I have a bunch of ideas for halloween that I will post as I do them.

Ok, on to the hair...
I still have not measured my hair! WTF! But after I did the rollerset I said I was going to trim it. I ended up cutting it. About an inch I cut off. No more split ends! :) I have been forgetting to wear my scarf at night and I know that it is affecting my hair. But I have gotten over the take care of the hair at all costs idea. I just let my hair do its thing. Keep it in a protective style and dont comb it and so far so good. I may regret it later but right now I am not really worrying about it.
When I get like this, whe I start to not care about my hair, I know it is time to put it up into a style where I dont have to think about my hair at all. So I am going to wear french braids for the nest few months or so. I may do a roller set in between after the temps go down more. Right now I am going to keep my hair braided up.

Tommorrow I am going to wash my hair and my baby girls hair and we are both getting braided up. We will keep our hair in braids for a week and redo. I will be rubbing megatek and my sulfur oil on my scalp daily. And we will clarify and DC before the braids are put back in.
What else? Hhmmmm...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My hair and Megatek

I am in love with this megatek!<3

I have been using it for about 2 weeks or so. I had my hair braided up in my baggy that I demonstrated on youtube. When I took down my hair to Shampoo and DC I could immediately tell that there was significant growth! I did not take any measurements but I could tell there was a big difference!

I am soo tempted to straighten it so I can get a trim ans see where I am. I should be very close to BSL...

I did a clear rinse this past week and did a video on it But WMM(windows movie maker) is acting retarded... But anywayz, I cant believe that I forgot about clear rinses! I made my hair so shiny and I could see that my curls were defined better! I will never forget about rinses ever again.

More videos coming soon!

My video editing program is acting up for some stupid reason... But I have a bunch of videos that will be put up as soon as I get this thing working!

I am working on:
Flat twist tutorial
Cornrow tutorial with and without weave
Hair regimen
Protective styling
and some others

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two Videos

I made two videos on youtube about my hair. Total of 8 videos so far. My next video will be a product video, every product that I have and how I use it. I will also do a video on twisting by the end of the week when I redo my twists. Check them out, and subscribe! I have alot more that I want to do, hair, nails, skin, and makeup related!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

My hair today

I have my hair in cornrows right now. With the baby and everything else I have kind of forgotten about my hair. I am almost ready to take them out and when I do I will do a DEEP DEEP Condition. I did a Aphogee protein treatment last week, which turned out well. I havent measured my hair in a while, will do maybe next month or so.

That is all for now...<3

Ovation Cell Therapy/ Mega Tek

I finally jumped on the bandwagon! I bought the Mega Tek rebuilder and will start using it as soon as it gets here!
What sucks is every place I went to was out of stock on the 16oz so I ended up buying the gallon size. I just hope it works for me so I didn't waste my money!

I plan on using it daily as a cowash/leave-in...:)

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I created an account on youtube and will be uploading videos as soon as I get my new camera or find my old one. I will have videos demonstrating makeup application, hairstyles and howto's on alot of diferent things.

Hopefully this will be a good experience. Also I will start another blog dedicated to youtube and what ever I am thinking of doing videos on. It will all be coming soon once I et everything together.

I have posted my youtube link on the sidebar and if you have an account friend me!


I'm am back in my 2strands again. I kind of got tired of the wig and havent worn it since last month. I still love it though and will wear it again eventually when the temps go back down.

I lost my camera! I am so mad because I had a couple of pics that I was going to upload and my sd card was in it, I will have to get a new one if I dont find it. >:(

Anywayzzzz... my next hair style will be some cornrows and then I will rock my phoneypony or a little bit till I figure out what I want to do with my hair. I do need to get a hair cut to get rid of my split ends. I will do that soon, maybe go to the salon, who knows.(yeah right)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I got a tattoo yesterday. I have been wanting one for so long and finally did it. I am glad I waited till now to get it, because the guy who ws going to do it before wasnt very good. I got this other guy to do it and I LOVE it.
I go five butterflies. One mommy with purple and light blue wings. A daddy with dark blue in the wings. Then three baby ones with my kids favorite colors, red and blue, purple and pink, and light blue and dark blue.

It is soooo prettttyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thinking back...

I have been looking at my past pics of my WnGs and comparing them with my hair now. I love the texture of my hair and I know that the curls will form eventually, but I dont know about when it is dry. I had nice curls when it was wet but once it dried it turned into a complete POOF.
I actually want the curls to be like they were when I was texturized. I think I may do it again. It looks fine but I like more defined curls.

If I decide to texturize I will wait until next summer to do so after I reach my goal of MBL.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

WnG a success!

I finished my Wng today and I am so happy because It looks GOOD! It curled up really nice and I dont have too much shrinkage, about half the length. The gel and the length is weighing it down a good amount. Pics in the fotki.

My hair is so bouncy and even with all the gel it still blows in the wind!

What I did this time:(I know this is repeated)
I poo'ed and DC overnight
rinsed and added suave conditioner
smoothed in some oil and then gel.
I noticed that the curls werent really forming as easy as before so I took out the denman/goody brush I brushed through my entire head and smoothed it all out. I scrunch it a little and let it be till it dried.
My hair curled up so nice and pretty.

Take a break

I decided to take a short beak from the LF for a few days. I havent worn my hair in so long and I miss it. Plus, I really wanted to try and see how my WnG is going to look now.
I took off the lf and undid my braids. I poo'ed and DC in five big braids like always. I detangled my hair and right now still have the lekair and aphogee 2min reconstructor in under a shower cap. In the morning I plan yo rinse this out, add some suave and oil, and smooth in some gel. I hope it will turn out ok, because I really want to do the WnG again this summer.

I will do this for about a week and then put the wig back on.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Callenges! on LHCF

Joined two challenges on LHCF. These are the first that I have joined on this forum. Total so far I am in 3 challenges for this and next year.

I am in:
1. brastrap length 2008
2. 12 inches in 12 months challenge
3. mid- back length 2009

1. For the first challenge I am looking to grow my hair to BSL by the end of this year. I am very close to it right now and will hopefully make my goal by then.
2. The second challenge I will be attempting to grow twice my normal growth rate. My hair does grow the average rate of 1/2" per month. So I am looking to obtain about 12" by may/june next year. To make his goal I am taking some vits and using some growth aids.
3. My goal is to grow my hair to MBL and I will hopefully reach that goal in 2009. I am looking to be 2-3 inches past BSL in early 2009.

How will I achieve these goals?
I am taking vitamins to aid in overall health and faster hair growth. Which are 1.5g MSM, 500mg vit-C, B complex, 5mg biotin, 1g EPO. I am and plan on continuing to wear protective styles until the end of this year. Right now I am wearing my LF with my hair braided underneath pics in fotki. I will straighten my hair sometime soon to do a length check. Also I am using sulfur oil and will be adding mn and maybe mega-tek to my reg as growth aids. By doing these things along with my normal reg I hope to retain all length and double my growth rate.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back on the vits

Had my son about 5 weeks ago, just recently stopped nursing. So I jumped right back on the wagon. I am taking all the vits I was taking before. I was going to start off slow and increase the dose gradually. But I just jumped right back in where I left off. I am taking:
biotin 5mg
MSM 1500mg
EPO 1000mg

The EPO and vitC I take in the morning. The msm is powdered, i put it in water and sip it throughout the day. The biotin and bcomplex I take before bed.
I am trying to drink more water, but thats not going very well. I also drink carrot juice everyday.

I plan on alternating some things such as, the biotin. I want to take it consistently for 1-3 months and see how it grows then either stop or lower the dose for 1 month then start back up again. I may do the same with MSM.
I read that the initial burst of growth that you get when first starting wears off after a while. I think this is true because when I was taking it before I wasnt getting as much growth the whole time as I did when I first started.
Hopefully this will increase my growth rate along with my sulfur oil. I will be doing mn daily for about a month soon.

Lastly, I have been reading up on the mea-tek/oct thingy, and I am debating on whether or not I want to add that to my reg also. Decisions decisions...

To iron or not to iron

ok, so I have been wearing my LF nonstop for the past month. Took down my braids to wash and I can tell that my hair has grown alot! Then like a nut I decided to do my nails before I finished braiding it back up! I was anxious because I just got my package, had to do them. I have been doing my gel nails but have never done acrylics. thats another story...
It has been like two days I havent gone anywhere, except to pick my son up from school. LOL! I'm a mess let me tell you. Been wearing my scarf.
The thing is, I cant decide if I want to finish braiding it up or take it down wash & DC it and flatiron it. My hair hasnt been straight since xmas and I would love to see the length and post new pics. Also I have a thing to go to this weekend and my ex will be there. I have to look good just for that, so he can be mad he dosent have me. LOL, I love doing that!
But then my LF is long itself and looks good and looks real. And I wouldnt have to go through that much to put it on. I will be done in like 15-20 min vs. almost 2 days of treatments, rollersetting, and flatironing.
I am thinking for my hairs sake i should finish braiding it and put it away. Forget showing it off to someone that I dont want.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

First real application pics posted

I put pics of my first real application. It actually is the third but the first two were like a trial of the glues. I was able to get the unit to fit without pulling. It is not tight anymore and I rebraided my hair so it would lay flatter. First my hair was braided all going back. Now I have the front going back and the back going up withe the ends of the braids sewed down.
I am thinking the next time I will braid it going around in a spiral as small as I possibly can. I dont know how that will work because my hair is extremely thick and getting longer.

I will order another lf within the next few months. I'm thinking either a wavy from jacksun or a curly from rex. I will end up getting both but I dont really know which I want first. I am going to add to my measurements also, about an inch to the ear2ear across forehead and front to nape and .5-1" to the circumference and nape. Need more room as the hair grows, dont know if that will be enough but we shall see.

Did I mention that I love this hair! Its f$*&ing beautiful!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The LF has arrived...

My lf finally came and it is pretty as hell. very nice hair the only complaint that I have is that the hairline that I requested to be natural is crooked as hell and it is a little too small. The ear to ear
across forehead is too short and I'm pretty sure I measured that big enough. It would fit alot better if I had less or no hair.
I'm working on my app, the first I used safegrip and blueliner and it barely held for five minutes.
The second I used supertape and davlyn waterproof. That was soooo much better but it did pull up on the sides because of the tension from it being too small.
It looks way too wiggy at the moment, I need to get it cut. I want to put some pretty layers into it.
I have everything that I need except the rit dye. I keep forgetting to get it when I go to walmart.
I am definitely going to order another one. A curly from Rex, maybe next month.
I am going to try another braid pattern to see if I can get a better fit. I think I will be able to but I worry about how the wig will look on top. The way I am thinking should take a few inches out and make it look more natural. I HOPE!
We will see...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby born!

My baby boy was born 4/26/08 in the elevator of the hospital. It was quite a scene. I will not go into detail here. He is so cute and looks just like his brother and sister.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Impatiently Waiting

Still waiting for the LF to arrive. It has been 4 weeks now so it should be done within the next week or so (I hope). I am also waiting on a few other things, such as the birth of my son. I have been contracting and hoping he comes sooner rather than later.

After my baby is born I am going to spend some time beautifying myself. I am practicing some makeup techniques, shopping, buying new clothes, my LFW, my nails, working out. I want to get my B4 baby figure back. This is number three and I'm not out of shape or overweight ( I'm probably a little underweight) I just hate having that pouch of fat in front from the baby. With every pregnancy it gets a little bigger. I'm still not used to it, having an extremely flat stomach all my life.
I want rock hard, well defined abs! I plan on getting the contour after the baby. I also want to get my first tattoo, a little butterfly with my children's names.

On to the hair...
I have been wearing it in two strand twists for the past month or so. Still neglecting it and not wearing a scarf. I have been so stressed it makes no sense and the stupid people around me are not making it any easier. I have been just cowashing every couple of days and retwisting when needed. I trimmed some of the ends off and will cut it down some more when the wig gets here.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

March purchases

I have bought a few things this month. first I finally decided what kind of lace front I wanted to start off with and who I wanted to order from.

My lace wig specifications are as follows:
  • chinese remy light yaki
  • length- 22"
  • color- #2
  • full french lace with stretch from ear to ear
  • baby hair around perimeter
  • bleached knots
  • freestyle parting
  • natural hairline
  • density- light at hairline medium everywhere else
The price of the wig was $240 which included shipping costs. Plus $14 for western union fees it came up to $254. I bought 91% alcohol, acetone, acrylic spray, and fray block. All I really need now is the rit dye, glue, tape, scalp protector. I was thinking of getting safe grip, davlyn waterproof, supertape, blue lace support tape, proflex no shine for my starting adhesives. Then if these don't work (which I'm sure at least some of them will or in combination will) I will get ultra hold and vapon no tape.

I do plan on getting at least 1-2 more lf. I want a curly one and if the chinese yaki refuses to hold a curl for very long I will get a wavy indian remy one.

Also I decided to get back into doing my nails. I bought a gel nail kit and will get an acrylic set also. I used to do my nails all the time and was inspired by some beautiful 3d acrylic art to get back into it. when I decide to do it I will put pics in the fotki.

Finally about my hair, I am now wearing my hair in twists until I get my wig next month. When I get the wig my hair will be put away in braids underneath until the end of the year.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Measurements March 2008

So I finally measured my hair... here they are nothing spectacular

front 12.5"
back 11.5"
middle 11.5"

so I am right where I thought I was as stated in the fotki. I have 21 months worth of growth since the texturizer. That is 10.5" of natural hair with about 1-2" of texturized ends. I have a little bit left to cut off, so I'm happy about that. I only need about 4" to be BSL so I will make that in about 8 more months, maybe sooner when I go back on the vits.

Monday, February 25, 2008

BSL 2008

I have finally begun to come out of lurker mode. I officially joined BHM and began posting. I have also joined the BSL 2008 challenge on BHM. Right now I am APL and I need about 3-4" to be BSL. Since I am pregnant I stopped taking my vits except the prenatal. The baby is due early may and that is when I will get back on them. I want to get a good haircut sometime this year, about 2" off. And if everything goes to plan I will grow at least 5", cut 2", and the hair will be at least BSL if not longer by the end of the year.

My plan to get there is:
  • The first thing I will do is a fast to clear out the system
  • begin vit reg. in June starting slow and increasing to: 5mg biotin, 1.5g msm, 1g epo, b complex, multi
  • drink lots of water
  • increase protein intake- fish, chicken, eggs
  • start doing yoga and pilates again
  • nonstop protective styles till Dec.
  • frequent cowashing, especially during the summer
  • very minimal heat 2 passes till the end of the year
  • no manipulation while dry
  • dc 2x per week
  • baggie

My protective styles that I will wear till the end of the year:
  • baggied phony pony
  • buns
  • lace front wig
  • braids and twists
  • maybe a sew in weave or 27 piece glued to a cap

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rollersetting and flat ironing

I have been rollersetting every so often for a few years now. Even though I have not done it that often they always come out great, well the more recent ones. I had a bunch of pics of the more recent rollersets that I have done but lost them all in the process of transferring them to my fotki. Here is how I rollerset.
comb, denman brush, rollers, clips if using magnetic, pins if using mesh, moisturizer, heat protectant, dryer, flat iron, plastic wrap, spray bottle

My technique is as follows:
1)wash and deep condition hair- I usually like to clarify and use a little protein b4 a rollerset
2)while hair is soaking wet spray heat protectant and add moisturizer and maybe a little setting/wrap lotion
3)section hair- sometimes I do a mohawk w/ three sections on each side, or any way I feel like for the look I want
4)begin rolling small sections clipping or pinning each roller securely- the sections of hair should not be longer or wider than the roller, the hair should be tight on the roller and very wet
5)when finished rolling all the hair sit under dryer
6) when fully dry remove rollers
7) spray a little more heat protectant and flat iron the roots- my hair never turns out the way I like when I blow out the roots
8) if I want it straight I wrap the hair and do a silk wrap- wrap the hair and cover with plastic wrap and sit under the dryer for 10 min. and unwrap.

Any way I would like to take this time to review macherieamour's guide to rollersetting. I enjoyed watching this video, and even though I am pretty good already it does help to see someone else's technique. I knew most of what she said and did and I learned a few new tricks. I do recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how or wants to perfect their method of rollersetting.

Flatironing takes much less time and the results are much smoother. I swear if it was actually healthy for the hair I would do it more often. But, I will say that I have noticed a lot more breakage when flatironing versus rollerseting. Therefore I don't do it very often, perhaps once/twice a year.
My steps to flatironing are:
1) wash and deep condition- always clarify and use moisture and protein
2) spray with heat protectant and moisturize
3) allow to air dry 50%
4) blow dry the hair in sections, braid up when completely dry, or allow to air dry completely in braids
5) take very small sections from each braid, spray more heat protectant, detangle and flat iron while holding the hair taught and running the comb in front if the iron down the entire shaft
6) repeat until entire head is finished
7) do a silk wrap

To maintain the straight styles I wrap the hair when I am not out. I moisturize and seal with castor oil and keep it covered with a silk scarf. When I neglect it and forget to wrap, my roots revert very quickly. When my roots begin to revert I do the ponytail or the scarf method to keep it from looking crazy. Most of the time when it begins to revert I just wash it rather than dealing with that madness.
The curly styles are a bit harder for me to keep up. Pincurls don't work for me so I usually do the scarf method or roll them on solar rollers at night or throw on a bonnet and try not to smash the curls.
The moisturizer that I use is my own blend of butters, oils, and dimethicone. I have never found a better product than this for my straight styles. I used to use fantasia as my heat protectant(the pink one) I will never touch that stuff again. I used to think that the reason my rollersets ect were frizzy was because of my technique. Come to find out it was the fantasia. I now use silk elements and I will never go back.
Finally I always trim when straight and after I wash out the style I usually do a hard protein treatment to stop any breakage before it starts.

Come to think of it I haven't done a protein treatment in a few months. I just removed a set of braids that were left in for a month. My hair is back in the baggied ponytail and I will do a protein sometime this weekend. Then I may do a rollerset next weekend and add a few pics.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have finally organized my pics in the fotki. I have excluded alot of pics but although they are not much these are the main points. You can see the growth from May 2005-May 2007. Will add more pics soon. The pw is myhair.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I have been reading and researching lace wigs for a few years now, and I have decided that since I was going to spend a whole bunch of money on some weave hair I might as well spend it on something that will last a very long time.
I have decided to buy a lace front wig. I have already sent a few vendors my specifications and received a few quotes. I will be buying by the end of this month.
The only thing is I just cant decide if I want my first to be straight or curly, or if I want a full lace with stretch in the middle or just lace in the front. If the funds are in order I think I will just buy both at once so I can save on shipping.
Still in the braids. I will wear these until I get the wig. They are doing pretty good, I have a lot of new growth already. I may straighten some time though if I feel like trying out that carmelization treatment.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have been stressed out like crazy for the past few months. I have a lot going on in my life right now.The problem is because of everything that I am dealing with, my hair has suffered severely. I lost my favorite scarf and have not been tying up my hair at night.
I decided to do single braids with cornrows in the front. I still have not finished them so I have been wearing them up in a bun all week like a lazy bum.lol. i dont really care about the ends because i still have about 1-3 inches of texturized hair left all over. Im not really trippin about the breakage because I was going to get a haircut at the end of this semester to get rid of the ends.
I am going to wear my braids for a little while and cowash 2-3x per week until i can devote more time to my hair. I may even do a really nice sew in. If I do I am going to buy some good hair, some Outre or something. I need to stop being cheap with my weaves. If i get the good stuff i can use it over again.
Also I have been working on my product line. It will include soaps, shampoos, lotions body and hair, oils body and hair, maybe bath bombs, and a few other things. It is a work in progress and will be up and running as soon as possible. I am going to create a blog specifically for my soaps and other products.

Bye for now!

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