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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Phony ponies for life!

I wore that sew in for a total of two and a half weeks. I dont know why I wanted to take it out so quick, it was really cute and I loved the color. I just got tired of it I guess. I have been wearing my new curly phony. I absolutely love this thing. I had the same one before in the color #2, but some one stole it. this one is a #4. I like this color better.

My phony pony reg. is the same as before basically. The only thing is I am washing like once a week instead of every other day. I am making my ponies a little tighter so they will last longer and scarfing it faithfully.

I am doing the baggy thing underneath. I am using suave humecant, aphogee reconstructor and castor oil. I am thinking of adding a little hair grease to the roots to help stop it from drying out. I have been using castor oil and so far so good.

I am probably going to wear this till I decide to put in my 27 piece and after. I have been wanting to do this weave for a long time. I didn't do it yet because I am afraid I will look crazy. I will do it sometime within the next few weeks though, probably after exams.

I am cutting little by little, getting rid of these texturized ends. the back is actually APL. yay! But that will be gone soon when I decide to go to the salon to get it straightened.

I havent measured in a couple months but will do in Dec.

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