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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My sew in/ wig and purchase

I did my sew in this past weekend. It is really cute. A short bob cut a little under ear length. I used two colors a 2 and a 33. I got alot of complements. The colors are mixed in the bang and the back is solod 33 on the bottom and solid 2 on top.

I made the sew in kind of like a wig. Sewed the hair on a net cap so I can take it on and off as I please. My hair is braided underneath. I cowash my own hair every 2-3 days let it air dry and put back on the wig. I wrap the weave every night with a little moisturizer/oil. Comb it all out in the morning.

I used harlem 125 hair, cheap, but good enough. The hair is really soft and shiney.

I made a huge purchase! I finally bought the pibbs 514 hair dryer. I cost me $270. Not bad. I could have got a used on off ebay for $200 but was outbid. Damn!! More rollersets for the winter!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering where you were able to get the Pibbs for such a great price!! Thanks in advance!

marand13 said...

I actually got it from yjbeautysupplies.com. It was on sale for $250 + s&h.

Anonymous said...
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