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Monday, October 15, 2007


So I went to the dominican salon on saturday to get a rollerset and flat iron so I could go out that night. When I got there took off my scarf, my hair was wet with some motions cpr, she said "oh you are natural, we are going to charge extra." Im like "ok how much." "$40" she says, "but we are not going to rollerset it we are going to blow dry it straight." Me: "But that is not what I want I just want a rollerset with the roots flatironed, I do it all the time at home" them: "We dont do that here to natural hair" And I got up and left.

I cannot express to you how angry I was I was really looking forward to someone else doing my hair. No one but me has been in my head in years. So I went home and got to work. It took me the whole day because I fell asleep, and I had to make a heat protectant, cause the fantasia always messes me up.

The end result was so nice and smooth, soft. The only problem I had was the front reverted a little. Its not as straight as I would like. But overall Im good the comb glides through so easy, no breakage, nothing. I gave myself a little trim, also.

My homemade heat protectant is a buttery soft blend it absorbs into the hair without that greasy feeling. It consists of: shea and mango butter, palm, sweet almond, and castor oil, and alot of dimethicone. It is actually the best silicone based product I have used, very moisturizing.

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