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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My sew in/ wig and purchase

I did my sew in this past weekend. It is really cute. A short bob cut a little under ear length. I used two colors a 2 and a 33. I got alot of complements. The colors are mixed in the bang and the back is solod 33 on the bottom and solid 2 on top.

I made the sew in kind of like a wig. Sewed the hair on a net cap so I can take it on and off as I please. My hair is braided underneath. I cowash my own hair every 2-3 days let it air dry and put back on the wig. I wrap the weave every night with a little moisturizer/oil. Comb it all out in the morning.

I used harlem 125 hair, cheap, but good enough. The hair is really soft and shiney.

I made a huge purchase! I finally bought the pibbs 514 hair dryer. I cost me $270. Not bad. I could have got a used on off ebay for $200 but was outbid. Damn!! More rollersets for the winter!

Monday, October 15, 2007


So I went to the dominican salon on saturday to get a rollerset and flat iron so I could go out that night. When I got there took off my scarf, my hair was wet with some motions cpr, she said "oh you are natural, we are going to charge extra." Im like "ok how much." "$40" she says, "but we are not going to rollerset it we are going to blow dry it straight." Me: "But that is not what I want I just want a rollerset with the roots flatironed, I do it all the time at home" them: "We dont do that here to natural hair" And I got up and left.

I cannot express to you how angry I was I was really looking forward to someone else doing my hair. No one but me has been in my head in years. So I went home and got to work. It took me the whole day because I fell asleep, and I had to make a heat protectant, cause the fantasia always messes me up.

The end result was so nice and smooth, soft. The only problem I had was the front reverted a little. Its not as straight as I would like. But overall Im good the comb glides through so easy, no breakage, nothing. I gave myself a little trim, also.

My homemade heat protectant is a buttery soft blend it absorbs into the hair without that greasy feeling. It consists of: shea and mango butter, palm, sweet almond, and castor oil, and alot of dimethicone. It is actually the best silicone based product I have used, very moisturizing.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Matted mess!

Today I am in the process of taking out my braids. I loved them so much and I could have worn them for another month or so but it was time for them to go. They were cute but they were too much maintenance. If i didn't wash them every day or so they would look a mess, dry and tangled. But after a good cowash and detangle they were bangin!
Now what happened to them was I washed them one night, put it in a bun and went to sleep. That was the biggest mistake I could have made. When I woke up the next morning the crap was so matted I couldn't even get my ponytail holder out! So, I started by cutting off all the weave hair and now I am halfway finished taking out the braids.

The takedown:
1. Remove all braids
2. Deep condition with oil and lekair
3. Carify with suave or CON
4. DC again with a mixture of cond.
5. If necessary do a protein treatment with aphogee and DC again
6. air dry and examine hair for strength, moisture, breakage, ect...

I want to go to the Dominicans for a wash, set, and trim. I will go if the funds allow me, maybe this weekend I will. I'm supposed to be going out to the club so we will see.

My next hair style will be a homemade wig with short hair, two colors, dark on top and light at the bottom. I am going to sew the hair onto a weave net so I will be able to take it off freely. I am also going to try the fermodyl 619 while wearing the weave. Hopefully this one will last me a good two months.

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