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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The beginning of something new!

My splurge on butters and oils has led me to start something new. I am planning on starting an ebay store selling my home made body and hair lotions, butters, and oils. I have created a few formulas and gave out a few samples. Needless to say the enjoyed the product. I am looking to start off small and work my way up into a profitable business.
The products will be moderately priced. They will not contain any mineral oil, petroleum, or parabens. They will be all natural and gentle enough for use on a baby's skin.

The products I will start off with will be as follows:
1.a few body massage oils with different scents
2. two hair oils one with EOs and one without. No sulfur oil yet.
3. Body lotions and hair lotions

I'm going to start off slow because I have alot going on right now. I am hoping to build this into a really profitable business that will benefit others as well as myself.

About the hair...
I am in the sew in now. Its been two weeks so far. The weave is curly with two colors layered, #4 and #30. The color is pretty, but then I always wear these two colors when I have a weave in. I am planning on wearing this for another 4 weeks, maybe more. I'm hoping to have 1/2-3/4" worth of growth when I take this out. I am using the sulfur oil every other day also. Going to continue to protect my hair like crazy to keep these ends nice.
I am still debating on when to get my hair cut. I am wondering If I should do it before I put in the braids or after. I think I just might end up doing it before like in August or September. whatever. Ill figure it out when I get there. I think that the longer I put it off the worse it will end up being so I may cut when I take the weave out.

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