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Monday, June 25, 2007

End of june measurments


front 12"
back 9 1/2- 10"
sides 10.5"
middle 7.5-9"

I cut the middle the shortest on purpose, because I kinda wanted it layered and mostly because of the breakage. It looks ok but I really want a profesional cut. I will do that at the end of he summer maybe before I put in the braids.

I finally found out what lace braids were and I am going to put those in instead of the micros. The micros probably wouldnt have looked right nyway because I would have to braid it so far down. With the lace braids all that would be seen is the hair and the base of the braids in the front. I have seen a few pics of them and they are really cute! I cant wait.

So the plan is.......
1. wear my own hair for the next week or two, DC 1-2x a week
2. put it up in the sew in for 1-2 months
3. wear own hair for a while, DC 1-2x a week, natural wngs, twists...
4. go to dominican salon for rollerset, cut, and to see their technique
5. finally, do a protein treatment and put in the lace braids for a couple months.

I know I will get good growth from this regimen so I am hoping for the best. Wish me luck and BSL by the end of the year or bust!

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