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Sunday, June 24, 2007


I have decided to cut my hair little by little until the end of the year. I have cut off between 1-3" of hair so far. In the middle I ended up cutting like 2" and the rest like 1/2". Then I cut again. I straightened my hair out so I could see how it lays. It is so much better than the last time. lays nicely and its getting longer. I havent done a measurment yet so cant tell how much longer it is in inches will do later this week.

I bought a new flat iron a FHI 1". I love it, it makes the hair so nice and smooth. I also splurged on a bunch of products. I even bought the big bottle of aphogee for $20. crazy I know! I did a treatment and I wish I would have done it sooner cause the strength is amazing. Also finally got some eqp dpr 11. I tried it and cant say it was the best thing ever but it really was not bad. I will buy again.

I have been experimenting with my rollersets and this time I used very little product. It was good but it still took forever to dry. I then flat ironed and did the silk wrap. very nice! it came out so smooth and silky, will do this every time. the only thing is I need to get rid of the frizz. wearing it down is terrible. I think it s the heat protectant i have been using, fantasia ic pink one. Ill be on the look out for a better one, I want to try redken heat glide next.

I dont know but I hope that i am getting some extra growth from the vits I am taking. I wont be able to really tell how much growth im getting until i get these ends right. If I'm getting exta growth then I will be BSL before the end of the year. We will see.

My styles or the summer after I wash out this roller set will be a sewin worn for like 1-2 months, then for the rest french braids, twists, and ponies until the school year starts when Im going to put in some micros. I am not going to straighten for a long time unless I feel like it. I am going to be focusing on my ends, keeping them strong moisturized and protected so I wont have to cut anymore.

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