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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Made a lot of progress. Got past the its not growing phase and I am almost to my first goal of APL. I'm mad that I am not there yet. But its ok. I have been trimming alot, every time I put in twists or straighten. That has cut me back a bit. No matter, its still growing.
Been wearing flat twists, singles and braids. I flatironed it once and it was so nice and soft. The only thing is that I hate the way it lays cause its so thick and then the breakage in the middle makes it look crazy. I washed it out after like 3-4 days. I just washed again yesterday and am planning on re twisting tonight, keeping them in for like two weeks, cowashing every other day.
Doing the henna thing, makes everything so nice. And still taking the vits slowly increasing the dosage. Up to 1500mg in msm, 5mg in biotin, and 1000mg in EPO. I'm just going to keep on doing what I'm doing protecting those ends till they grow out. My plan is when I get to BSL I'm going to start chopping them off a little at a time till I am happy with the way they look. Hopefully I will be BSL by the beginning of next year. We shall see....


back 9-11"
middle 11.5"
front 10.5-11"

These are measurements as of the beg of may, from root to tip. Getting there slowly but surely.

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