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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What to do?

Been wearing a lot of different styles lately. Had twists in for a little over a month, took them out too soon. Put in a sew in it was cute but the hair was cheap and it tangled like crazy. I had braids in the front and curly hair in the back, only kept it in for two weeks. Normally a sew in lasts for at least a month or two. I plan on doing the usual again, phony pony with baggie (knock-off of chicoro's) and when I get tired of that, cornrows for a week or two. I don't know what else to do with my hair right now.

My texturizer from last year is growing out gradually. It upsets me because the ends compared to the roots look crazy. You can see where all the baby hairs are growing up. They are at least 4" now. My ends aren't thin they are just not as thick as the roots. I don't think its breakage at the demarcation line because i have been trying to protect it like crazy. I don't touch it or comb it unless I am washing or styling. The most I do my hair is like every 2-3 days and that is only when I am wearing my ponytail. I will just continue what I am doing and just hope for the best.

I finally found a place that sells henna. I got Reshma henna and shikakai powder(haven't tried yet). I still haven't found the cassia though. I did a henna treatment the other day. When the stuff was in my head it felt weird, kind of grainy like it was going to be dry as hell when I rinsed it out. So I deep conditioned with QH and when I rinsed my hair...... let me tell you I was in heaven! I have never felt my hair so soft before in my life, and my hair is already super soft by itself. Is wasn't mushy soft it was strong, healthy soft and smooth and it has a tiny reddish tint. I am in love and I will henna for life!

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